Siki Im’s Fall Looks For The Modern Vampire


As luck would have it, there was a Fall collection inspired by vampires, my favorite! Siki Im’s Fall Menswear collection had models walking down the runway with dripping bloody mouths, one could refer to as dried blood, as well as ‘blood drenched’ ears, with ‘blood’ dripping down their necks. According to VOGUE RUNWAY, regarding designer Im, “…he listed his favorites in the program notes, classics old + new, ranging from Nosferatu + Dracula to The Hunger + Only Lovers Left Alive.”

With a color palette of black, blood red + burgundy, there were plenty of obvious choices for the modern vampire, including leather looks + texture, but, with twists of their own, naturally.


There were jackets + pants, with leather panel accents in geometrical shapes, where in the case of pants, the leather on front, seemed to highlight the crotch area, which, in keeping with the vampire theme, could remind the viewer of a vampire’s virility + undying sex appeal. Zippers were also seen throughout, from the bottom of pants to the sides of sweaters. There was as much tailoring as there were relaxed looks, like those featuring drop crotch pants + skirted looks paired with a burgundy short sleeve tee, decorated with a black + white abstract ‘Vampyro Lesbos’ scene (another famous vampire flick), over a long blood red sleeve tee. This tee in fact, among others, was from Im’s extension line, Den Im, shown together with the Siki Im main line.


David Bowie, in ‘The Hunger’, easily came to mind in a look that featured a textured mohair dark burgundy blazer, minus lapel, over a white tee, over a french-cuffed white shirt with a burgundy leather accented v-neck (above).

Overall, the collection is very wearable, with pieces I wouldn’t mind seeing on whomever ‘he’ is on any given week! But besides listing his favorite vamp flicks in his program notes, Im told VOGUE RUNWAY, “The reason we love vampire films is because we recognize something in ourselves. We all have demons. It’s human nature. We’re not perfect, + there is beauty in our imperfection,” + who could argue with that beautiful truth?

moncy1_MON0008(photos: Monica Feudi)




How To Eat Cake In The Desert With Abbey Lee In Kenzo’s New SS/16 Ad Campaign ‘Snowbird’

When I heard that ‘Tangerine’ director Sean Baker + KENZO creative directors Humberto Leon + Carol Lim were working on a fashion film together, I knew it was going to be good. ‘Snowbird’, an ad campaign showcasing KENZO’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, starring Abbey Lee, whom you might know from ‘Mad Max:Fury Road’, is a perfect film, in every way, through Baker’s lens. And yes, Baker used an iPhone for this film too, like he did for ‘Tangerine’. With the lighting, setting + score by Stephonik Youth, the 11-minute film assumes the style of a vintage home movie.

Not a fan of spoilers, I will tell you that ‘Snowbird’ involves Abbey Lee, KENZO clothing, the desert, trailers, colorful characters + cake.




Celebrate Serpent Day With One Of These Items


In celebration of today’s Serpent Day, you can’t help but notice, from the corner of your eye, how snake print or snakeskin keeps slithering its way into seasons, B2B. Then again, there’s no mistaking the timeless appeal + big impression of the serpent on the world of fashion. So come along with me + applaud this classic motif + or accent, with a few items I’ve selected, to gift to yourself or the one you’re with, come Valentines Day!


Anything iridescent is okay in my book, so of course, there was no denying my gravitating to this Iridescent Snake Frame Clutch Bag by NEW LOOKASOS. When it comes to the Rattlesnake Safari Clutch by LIZZIE FORTUNATO, BONA DRAG, you just can’t help but picture yourself channeling the Seventies Honey, with that ‘homemade’ looking hand embroidered snake, set with faint jewels. Then you have this glorious colorful Glam Leather-trimmed Python Shoulder Bag by DOLCE & GABBANANET-A-PORTER, with a color palette of brown, burgundy + blue, accented by bright yellow + gold hardware.


To wear snakeskin, is as easy as these casual pieces, even though it’s just a snake print. For the guys, although I’d rock this outfit too, it’s no surprise that this brilliant Black & Blue Potosi Windbreaker Jacket  + Black & Blue Potosi Lounge Pants would come from the mind of Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, SSENSE, who’s adopted the snake as his signature print motif. For us ladies, there’s this cute Off-the-shoulder Snake-print Chiffon Dress by NORMA KAMALINET-A-PORTER, where you’re showing just enough skin, but full of drama, with such full sleeves + ruched waist, giving the top a blouson effect.


Jewelry + serpents, is a no-brainer, as they’ve been as close as PB+J for the longest, so to narrow it down to just four items was tough. But no matter if it’s a pair of earrings, a bracelet or necklace, the idea of having something slithering on your body, is always sexy. Speaking of which, how could anyone not want this Gold Plated Joos Bracelet by Paula Mendoza, ANTHEM WARES, since it screams all kinds of sexy?! These Snake Hoop Earrings by LANVIN, FARFETCH, have just the right amount of opulence, without overdoing it. LUXURY FASHION‘s Embellished Double Snake Ring, FARFETCH, is perfect in its simplicity, as is this Brass Serpent Hoop Earring by PAMELA LOVEBONA DRAG.


Shoes are another one that you just can’t whittle down to few, but I tried to keep it simple, modern, with a little kitsch. ASOS Start Up Pointed Heels by ASOS COLLECTIONASOS, have the right amounts of black + white. Now, to step it up many, many notches, nothing spells sex like these Python Ankle Boots by ALAÏANET-A-PORTER. Now, for some fun, why not try Chuck Taylor 1970S Hi Dokuro ‘Snake’ by CONVERSEEND, paying their homage to popular satin souvenir jackets in post-WWII Japan, blending both Eastern + Western iconography, with an embroidered leather upper + leather rope laces? And last, but certainly not least, how could I not include a snakeskin + wooden platform something, like these Grey Snakeskin Gladis Clogs by Giuseppe ZanottiSSENSE?!




Paul Smith Men Stand Out With Color, Pattern + Whimsy For Fall


I love any man that wears Paul Smith. For a man to wear Paul Smith anything, they can’t be afraid of color, especially bright color or uber graphic patterns, which made this Fall Menswear collection another winner for me. There were plenty of mens suits in the mix, sporting trousers that either had a gentle low flare to narrow high crop, perfect for showing off a boot. Of course, these suits were anything but stuffy, paired with casual tucked in sweaters or at times, layering the jacket over a cardigan + shirt.


Smith’s suits furthered the casual vibe by adding patterns, if not graphic details. There was one with a bold vertical stripe right down both the jacket + pants, while another had two thin vertical stripes, in the same fashion. Yet, what made this suit different was that there were two pant stripes, making the pants look creased from afar. Another suit held your attention with its white multi-striped lapel, followed by piping along the front + bottom of the jacket, making it a winning combination when paired over a paisley patterned knit cardigan.


What struck me as wonderful was how when socks were not visible, + if they were, they were plain but colorful, was how a decorative pattern a sock might have, crept its way up an ensemble, like embroidered paisleys on jeans, as seen below.


I loved how Paul mixed different colored check patterns, then adding a striped neck turtleneck, with paisley salmon colored socks inside black + white polka dotted slip-on kicks.



(photos: Alessandro Garofalo)


Atelier Versace’s Spring 2016 Utilitarian Couture


Atelier Versace’s Spring Couture collection had surprising elements, considering all the glitz + glam attached to this brand. Granted, that was all very much there, but, with the addition of utilitarian accents, which in someone else’s hands might not make sense, but of course, not for Donatella.


Present, were her signature long whispy dresses-some with the requisite high leg slit, if not a plunging neckline or both, but a lot of the looks included belts that could double as seatbelts, whereas other times, there were straps with hooks, perfect for strapping it to a purse or keys. Some looks had Swarovski encrusted cords, as ties for a dress + for shoes.


Of course, there were many of Versace’s short mini bodycon dresses, for those nights you’re not planning on eating. But what I loved the most, where the liner patterns in the forms of shiny embroidery along the top of a dress if not, from the breastplate down to the ankle.

The collection proved to be sexy as usual, but with much graphic appeal!


(photos: Yannis Vlamos)


The Chemical Brothers + Beck Get ‘Wide Open’, Complete With Holes!

To say weird, The Chemical Brothers + Beck in the same breath, is nothing new, but, what IS new is this video for track ‘Wide Open’. Featuring vocals by Beck + music by The Chems, in the video, as hard as it might seem to comprehend the beauty behind it at first, you see a dancer dancing inside a busted basement, as her body starts to slowly turn hollow, full of geometric holes. Eventually, this transformation takes over, as it envelopes her whole, turning the dancer into a beautifully haunting sculpture.


(via pitchfork)