A View Inside Hunt Slonem’s Menagerie Of Painted Birds

Birds by Hunt Slonem cause and yvette

As a lover of birds from a very early age myself, there was no denying Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, would be a book I would instantly gravitate to. What makes Hunt’s work so striking is not so much his brilliant use of color + repetition, but it’s also the tactile aspect of his paintings, with the many layers of paint + his handling of that medium used to create the amazing + globally acclaimed iterations of birds shown throughout this impressive 272-page tome. This hardcover masterpiece is such that Hunt’s avian subjects seem to beg for a hint of flight with the flip of every page while spilling onto its silver gilded pages, it’s gray satin ribbon book marker + all over the inside covers.

Birds by Hunt Slonem cause and yvette

(”SWALLOWTAIL 1′, 2009 | ‘PARROTS’, 2013)

Influenced by the exotic, lush landscapes of his childhood years in Hawaii, “Slonem has noted that he first was fascinated by parakeets when he was ten, + at sixteen bought some birds in a market in Nicaragua,” as writer, reporter, + cartoonist Anthony Haden Guest points out. When visiting his New York studio once myself, a work of art on its own, with various rooms completely painted in one singular color, briefly captured in the book, you seem to feel like you’re being transported into another reality, comprised of colorful spaces inhabited not only by Hunt’s variety of parrots, parakeets, macaws + cockatoos, but also by different groupings of the artist’s paintings + sculptures (below).

Birds by Hunt Slonem cause and yvette

Repetitive imagery, a motif synonymous with Hunt’s work, would bring to mind Andy Warhol, which Hunt himself once mentioned in an Interview magazine December 2011 interview, by Claire Stein, as an influence saying, “I was influenced by Warhol’s repetition of soup cans + Marilyn,” adding, “But I’m more interested in doing it in the sense of prayer, with repetition… It’s really a form of worship,” which is quite evident in his attention to detail applied to most of his paintings with deep crosshatch marks made throughout. These indentations, a signature of Hunt’s work, further the theory of repetition giving the image a sense of movement, but as mentioned in Guest’s BIRDS essay, ‘You’re In Wonderland’, regarding this repeat technique, “Slonem will usually paint them in profile, as did John James Audubon, + he often arranges them by species + in multiple images, but not so as to emphasize their sameness in the manner of most painters of multiples, but rather to bring out at once their abundant presence + their lively uniqueness.”

Birds by Hunt Slonem cause and yvette

(‘TOCOS 1’, 2008 | ‘HERB’S CARDINALS’, 2014 )

Author Jacqueline Bograd Weld describes Hunt’s paintings as “literally a whirl of paint-a thick impasto that Hunt grids or swirls at will. The birds + images appear and reappear in a purely visual space, an all-over style, in which there is no clear beginning or end or edge or corner,” reminding her of his stylistic roots in the recurring imagery of abstract expressionism + in Jackson Pollock’s gestural painting, in the Foreword A Fond Sonore. This clearly sets the tone for every masterpiece he assumes to create, always proving to be triumphant upon applying that last stroke of paint + or that last line cutting through it.

Birds by Hunt Slonem cause and yvette

(‘RUFUS ROLLER’, 2013)

Containing a variety of over one hundred bird paintings, Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is sure to make a delightful gift for anyone who loves birds, color, patterns, texture, + fashion. But if not for someone else, it’s sure to breathe new life into your own personal art book collection, perfect for just sitting around + escaping into the far reaches of tropical settings enhanced by one artist’s vivid imagination + deep adoration for birds.

As with all of Glitterati Incorporated’s books, Birds by Hunt Slonem, © 2017, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is a ‘must cop’ + available for purchase here.


Naked + Liberated In Times Square To Promote Body Positivity (NSFW)

(NSFW – Strong nudity)

Last Friday, I participated in an art project that was both liberating + exhilarating!

If you happened to be in the Times Square area, you might have seen me naked, along with more than 100 men + women, getting our bodies painted, as part of the free ‘BODY NOTES’ project aimed to promote body positivity. Considered ‘a powerful, positive visual feast’ by Cosmopolitan magazine, participants + on-lookers alike really enjoyed this event of using the naked body as a canvas to highlight different body types in bright colors. Much to my surprise + bewilderment, I found myself amongst their article photos, sporting my ‘resting bitch face’, as my friends often tease me, in all my blue naked glory.


Inspired by the ‘Subway Therapy‘ art project comprised of post-its, creators Andy Golub, producer of NYC Bodypainting Day + Matthew Chavez, street artist behind the subway project, thought it would be a great way for people to express themselves through their words and their bodies + that we did! But don’t you believe for a second, my decision to participate was an easy one to make.

Three weeks prior to the event, after seeing the ad featuring several photos of past models, bearing different sayings across their torsos, I immediately thought of what I would write across mine + the only quote that popped into my head was the Nina Simone quote, “I’ll tell you what Freedom means to me. No fear.” No other words could capture part of my journey or that of most people, better than those when it came to body positivity, however, my artist didn’t think they would all fit on my ‘body note’, so I compromised in shortening it to ‘FREEDOM = NO FEAR” as seen above. After receiving my email confirming my pre-registration, I asked them if a thong was going to be provided, as I’ve often seen body painters use them in their work? They replied, “No – It’s full nude but you’ll be in good company.” Now, I struggled with the idea of not doing it as I had a problem with being fully naked in Times Square, but kept thinking, “I need to step out of my comfort zone.” And as Andy told New York Daily News, “Everyone feels that being naked is such a big thing but in reality that’s just who we are,” adding, “When you experience this, it quickly becomes no big deal,” + indeed it wasn’t, as seen here in one of the newspaper’s photos.

(photo: Shannon Stapleton, Reuters|NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

For the next three weeks I started to work out harder just to look a little better naked for the ‘big reveal’, but let’s face it, not much was expected in such a short period of time. You see, for me, the way my body looked was a major issue for most of my life. As a Dominican-American Latina born + raised in New York City, one of the most fashionable cities in the world + a lover of fashion from such an early age, my body issues started to get distorted as I got older. Growing up, curves were celebrated in my family. I never saw a problem with how my body looked, no matter how big my hips, legs, cheeks or butt was. But as I grew older + got more into fashion, my ideas of beauty changed where I still wanted the curves but with the thinness of the models, I saw in magazines, advertisements + down the runway.

My weight fluctuated through the years, which can be gauged by the strategically placed stretch marks that have ravaged my body. But that didn’t come as a surprise – It’s what happens with sporadic weight gains + loss. So to make amends, I dedicated a poem to my stretch marks + started calling them ‘my friends’, as they became a part of me. And I tell you this when I was standing naked in Times Square, I didn’t care who was keeping count of how many I had or how dimpled my butt or thighs looked, especially in the color of choice. Wanting to channel Mystique from the X-Men, I chose blue for my body + yellow for my ‘body note’ square. The blue, however, turned out to be more Na’vi from Avatar but I still went for it + was quite happy with the outcome, so much so, I rode the subway back home, still all blue, dressed in my clothes + navy shades.

(photo: Anthony Delmundo|NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)

That Friday, I was surrounded by orange, blue + yellow naked people, emboldened by their desire to show pride in who they were bearing ‘Body Notes’ of optimism like ‘ALL PEOPLE HAVE WORTH’, ‘INTROVERTS ARE AWESOME’ + ‘LOVE YOUR BODY THE WAY IT IS’, which sweetened the car exhaust filled air by the ensuing traffic of cars stopping intermittently to catch a glimpse of all our realness. You couldn’t help but smile + enjoy the process of being part of something so much needed in a society where we still all struggle with loving ourselves + as RuPaul says at the end of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, “If you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna be able to love someone else?”

Had you had the chance to have your naked body painted, what would you have chosen as your ‘Body Note’ + why – color me curious?

WANTED: Birds Print Pajama Robe By OFF-WHITE

As a lover of birds, silk pajama robes + all things OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH, this piece is one to covet for life!

Besides the impressive colorful bird print in various sizes caught in mid-flight, against a black silk background, this long ‘OFF-WHITE Birds Print Pyjama Robe’ features the classic detail of contrast white piping throughout, a tie waist, a shawl collar + long sleeves. But it’s designer Virgil Abloh’s genius play of juxtapositions is what really makes this so good.

At first, what came to mind was the opulence of Japanese kimonos, often connected to luxury with a heavy price tag, like this one. But when stripped of its original silhouette + substituted for that of the relaxed yukata robe, its less expensive cousin, you have a winner. As usual, this is where Abloh’s genius use of juxtaposition hits high marks.

This robe sports an impressive assortment of colorful birds in various sizes caught in mid-flight, set against a black silk backdrop with contrasting white piping throughout, giving it that pajama feel. And if that weren’t enough, you have the word ‘WOMAN’ in all caps, embroidered across the top of the robe’s back. So what woman wouldn’t want to add this to her arsenal of fashion musts?!

For your very own ‘OFF-WHITE Birds Print Pyjama Robe’ head over to FARFETCH but quick, as they have very few left!

16 Hot Khaki Picks For Spring/Summer

*This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.

Khaki is a color that is both timeless + seasonless, but, for some reason or another, it tends to really jump out at you during the warmer months. Maybe it’s due in part, to the strong ties it shares with a wanderlust for roaming a boundless jungle or rainforest or maybe, swapping personas with that of a carefree nomad with a ‘zero f*ks’ mentality, that makes it a ‘go-to’ neutral for all genders.

Now if you’re afraid of resorting to a boring pair of khaki pants or even a khaki tee to be on trend, don’t worry, as I’ve picked a few key items below, courtesy of *Nordstrom, ranging from beauty to footwear.

What is particularly appealing about this Utility Miniskirt | SELF-PORTRAIT, is how the skirt looks like it was made from a deconstructed khaki trenchcoat, asymmetrical front buttons + the sweet hint of ruffled floral lace peeking in the front. With this piece, you also get to tap into this season’s lace trend.

1-An easy way to tap into a trending color is by just applying it to your nails, like No.204 Khaki | BURBERRY BEAUTY 2-If you have sinful plus-size curves, this Sexy Drape Midi Dress | CITY CHIC, is sure to turn up the heat 3-Floral embellishments can sometimes hurt a shoe’s look, but not in the case of the Lonicera Flower Sandal | JEFFREY CAMPBELL, involving textured khaki Suede flowers with a 4inch heel 4-A tan always looks best when capped off with the right hat like this khaki Safari Fedora | DORFMAN PACIFIC 5-Paint splatters are always fun especially when strategically placed on clothing as seen on these ‘Damiana’ Splatter Paint Stretch Woven Jogger Pants | PRPS, which play up the distressed ‘been in the art studio all day’ look brilliantly

6-This Boy Bowie Off the Shoulder Dress | ONE TEASPOON, shows off just enough leg to keep things interesting for brunch or that ‘first date’ you’ve been so looking forward to or dreading 7-Love this kilt silhouette adapted to this Tulle Skirt | JUNYA WATANABE, with a trio of belted canvas tabs accenting the waist, to give you that street style cred  8-Sometimes, all you need is just a hint of khaki like this Bold Sport Silicone Strap Watch, 43mm | MOVADO, with its black/khaki colorway, to make the right impact 9-In this flirty Crochet Cold Shoulder Top | CITY CHIC, plus size chicks are sure to gain more admirers 10-Tombre Slip-on| LACOSTE can easily become the best shoe for men to just chill, in breezy perforated suede

11-Cortez ’72 Sneaker | Nike, is one of this giant sneaker brand’s most comfortable shoe ever worn by yours truly + when you throw in its distinctively textured leather with this Summery pale gray, khaki + white colorway, you can’t miss 12-You’ll be a total rock star sporting these ‘Super Lunar – Arrowed by Karen’ 52mm Sunglasses | KAREN WALKER, with inset goldtone arrows wrapping your temples 13-Nothing screams comfort when it’s hot out like this mesh Fling 2 Sandal | JEFFREY CAMPBELL, sporting a loafer-inspired notched topline + an 1 ½ inch wedge platform 14-White sneakers might be all the rage but this Air Max 90 Ultra 2.0 Essential Sneaker | NIKE, with its pale gray, white + khaki colorway, have enough white on them to ‘up’ your game just enough while still staying true to your love for khaki 15-Give your look just enough edge with this Dark Khaki ‘Mini Kalifornia’ Leather Satchel | KENZO, with its signature hardware details + Kenzo’s killer logo

*Please note, this post contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a commission when you click on a link to help monetize my blog. However, the opinions expressed herein are my own.❤️

Check Out Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust For Life’ Video Ft. The Weeknd

With Lana Del Rey, you’re always promised moody, sweet + sultry vocals as heard here in her new music video for ‘Lust For Life’ featuring The Weeknd. ‘Lust For Life’, the title track of her new album, with no release date in sight yet, beautifully envelopes the listener in a soft whispered kiss of lyrics, sung by both Del Rey + The Weeknd.

Opening with Del Rey singing on set, the camera follows her heels with lace ruffled ankle socks, to the top of the “H” of the Hollywood sign, which is a literal take on her opening lyrics:

Climb up the H of the Hollywood sign, yeah
In these stolen moments
The world is mine (doo wop, doo wop)
There’s nobody here, just us together (shadoop, shadoop)
Keepin’ me hot like July forever

Here, Del Rey meets up with The Weeknd who serenades her with his sweet + sexy voice which compliments hers so well during their chorus. They slowly dance into the end, where she slides off the Hollywood “D”, landing in a floral field right next to him.

Here’s to crossing my fingers the remixes are that much better!


(via pitchfork)

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Today, I woke up to much-needed sunshine after two days of rain in NYC. And no, it wasn’t the sun so much but rather my blog’s nomination for a ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’.

‘cause and yvette’ was nominated for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ by ‘MummyInTheMadHouse‘ (Don’t you just love that name?) [MITMH] + I couldn’t be happier. Out of the many blogs submitted for review, MITMH‘s fellow blogger Gena Horlock deserves a big THANK YOU for taking the time to carefully screen my blog + deem it worthy of such an honor!

But what is a ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’? Well for those of you who don’t know, it is a nomination given to bloggers that are considered creative + inspiring by other bloggers. It’s really a great way to show your appreciation + support of a fellow blogger who knows all too well the highs + lows of crafting engaging + unique content. Once nominated, a blogger needs to follow the instructions below:

1-Write a post in which they thank the blogger for nominating them + link back to their blog. [👌] 2-Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated them. [👌] 3-Nominate eleven other blogs + give them eleven questions to answer. 4-Notify your nominees. 5-List the rules + display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post. [👌]

Here are the answers to my 11 questions asked by MummyInTheMadHouse‘s Gena Horlock:

  1.  What made you choose your topic in blogging? After my brief stint of writing for ‘FULL FRONTAL FASHION’, I realized how much I enjoyed writing about my passions-fashion, art, architecture, film, photography, beauty, style + anything else that influences one’s lifestyle. Once it folded, to continue satisfying my writing itch, I decided to start my own blog.
  2.  What motto do you live by? #Respectthehustle
  3.  What is the biggest challenge you had to overcome while starting your blog? My biggest challenge was leaving it all up to fate + taking that giant leap of faith of believing people would be interested in reading about what I had to say.
  4.  If you had the opportunity to interview anyone you like and feature them who would it be? Hands down, it would have to be stylist Catherine Baba. Baba’s personal style is inimitable, exciting + quite eccentric but one of the first questions I would need answering is, “How do you ride your bicycle wearing 4 inch Louboutins?”                                            (pic: Tommy Ton, instyle.com)
  5.  Who is your favorite blogger? There are several, but if I had to pick one it would have to be Claire Sulmers of The Bomb Life.                                                                        (Claire Sulmers @ Sheen Magazine’s Legendary Weekend)                                                                                                                                          I had the pleasure of hearing her speak at a Simply Stylist blogger conference here in New York + she was more than inspiring. Her personal style sense, her writing style + contributions she makes through her blog, add value that shapes our lives as women including topics ranging from fashion to business. If you can, pick up her book, ‘The Bomb Life: My Brand. My Terms‘ to read about her journey to unrelenting success.
  6.  If given the opportunity to mentor a new blogger, what single piece of advice would you give them? Be authentic + find your own voice. Although the numbers do matter, your numbers are only as good as your original content.
  7.  What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you? I love to cook.
  8. You have a chance to replay your childhood game/video game. What would it be? I always became too invested, to the point of moving the gaming controller with every movement, including kicking my legs in different directions, prompting me to just stop playing.
  9.  Name a blogger you would love to collaborate with. A force to be reckoned, Susie Lau of ‘Style Bubble‘, would be an ultimate dream. Her personal style is awe-inspiring.                                                                                                                                      
  10.  What would you like to achieve by end of 2017? Attract more readers.
  11.  What would you like to tell your readers? To be patient with me + not lose interest, as I’m not always able to post content on a daily basis, but, when I do, I always try to make it fun + interesting.

If you would like a chance to be nominated, leave a blog comment with your blog URL for consideration. The winners will be announced Friday, May 12th. 


The Sunshine Blogger Award was originally published on cause and yvette

Top Ten Bird Picks To Fly Into Spring In Style

There’s no surprise I love birds, but these items here prove I’m not alone + in great company. Nothing screams Spring + Summer like the imagery of birds in an array of iterations from realistic prints, to illustrations + quirky motifs. Sure, feathers always make for a grand + dramatic statement, but they never come with a guarantee you won’t be leaving most of them behind after one wear. So for those of you not knowing where to begin in finding what bird or birds to wear, here are my top ten picks to help you fly into the warmer months ahead in style! (If none of these are to your liking, at least they’ll give you an idea of how to incorporate our feathery friends into your already fabulously stylish life.)

1-ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Flying Bird Print T-Shirt | farfetch: is dramatic in all black with the white silhouette of birds in flight. 2-AU JOUR LE JOUR Bird Print Dress | farfetch: is adorable with its light turquoise background covered in a whimsical bird illustration. 3-ATELIER 2.2 SWIMWEAR Birds Of Paradise | tictail: is a triangle bikini with a realistic print of bold colored birds in their surroundings. 4-PHILIPPE MODEL Bird Print Sneakers | farfetch: highlights hummingbirds with glitter + pastel pink, with a red center sole accent, on a classic running style sneaker for chicks. 5-THE CASE FACTORY Lizard Effect iPhone 7 Case | NET-A-PORTER: with its print of birds + lush leaves will make people take notice every time you’re on your phone.


6-J.W.ANDERSON Hammered Gold-Plated Earring | NET-A-PORTER: adds drama to any look from his SS/17 collection. 7-ASOS Loafers With All Over Burgundy Bird Print: will add interest to any outfit with beautiful Japanese influenced design of cranes + florals. 8-N°21 Knotted Satin Clutch W/Bird Appliqué | LUISAVIAROMA: the knot detail on this golden satin clutch with silver bird appliqué is sure to work its magic for every occasion. 9-MARA HOFFMAN Bird Print Triangle Bikini | asos: another triangle bikini to turn heads but this time in bright light blue covered in contrasting colored bird illustrations. 10-PHILIPPE MODEL Toucan Bird Print Sneakers | farfetch: with blue accents, here are another pair of MODEL kicks, but this time with toucans on a camouflage all-over print of this classic running style shoe.

How To Build Your Wardrobe Around Snacks

For the most part, a lot of us take different cues on how to build a look, no matter the occasion. Some might start with a pair of shoes + work their way up while others might have a huge pair of bright statement earrings or a cool hat, ready to set the stage for their Friday’s persona. But ever stop + wonder what it would be like to center your wardrobe around your snacks? No, really. And sure, with your unicorn everything polluting all of Instagram (although I adore unicorns), with its latest addition being the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, this task could seem an easy one to pull off. What if you were then asked to work your look around an oyster? Yes, an oyster! (That’s no typo.) Thankfully, through the genius of two fiendishly creative collaborators, a photographic series does exactly just that + more!

Called the ‘Wardrobe Snacks’ series, photographer Kelsey Mclellan reappropriates food by making it a fashionable accessory that sets the tone for her subject’s monochromatic looks. Makes you wonder if that time you stuck that Twizzler in your pocket, sticking out ‘just so’, didn’t add that extra something to your outfit? And with the collaborative efforts of prop stylist Michelle Maguire, these beautiful images are elevated to an ingenious + brill level that will have them intruding your thoughts every time you decide to stash away your snacks for later. By taking monochrome wardrobe looks + pairing them with same color food items, you’re left with a slight smirk, while gazing at each image. Who could’ve thought a gray wool blazer over a sheer gray long sleeve blouse would look so great when holding an oyster?

An all-pink pantsuit is best worn when snacking on pink wafers of course while a deep purple blazer with burgundy pants is the only way to dress when eating Grippo’s Sweet Maui Onion potato chips in a metallic purple bag.

While most of our snacks, not always healthy ones, no matter how many times we publically boast about our healthy lifestyles, still make for great accessories. I for one think Mclellan + Maguire might be onto something in the Tater Tot as the new pocket square kerchief alternative as seen here, but according to Format magazine, that infamous Tater Tot scene in film ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ could be the real suspect.

And why wear any of the ever popular pizza emblazoned clothing items when you can just eat a slice, dressed in Tomato sauce red?

This photographic series will make you rethink “What should I wear out?” + replace it with “What am I eating while out?”,  when choosing your next outfit!

(via FORMAT)