Issey Miyake’s Hypnotic Kaleidoscopic Ballet

Checkout Issey Miyake’s kaleidoscopic ballet featuring the Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collection.  Documenting the balletic finale, British photographer Jacob Sutton, captured the movements of both clothing + models, highlighting the collection’s many lines + geometric patterns, in this cool fashion film.  The soundtrack makes the film that much more captivating.



Checkout Trailer For ‘Mala Mala’ About PR’s Transsexual + Transgender Community

If you find yourself with nothing to do this Fourth of July weekend, you should definitely go see ‘Mala Mala’.  Directed by Antonio Santini + Dan Sickles, this feature documentary explores the ups + downs of the transgender + transsexual communities in Puerto Rico.  Highlighting LGBTQ activists, sex workers, + drag performers, including April Carrión from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six’, the film also chronicles the efforts of Butterflies Trans Foundation, the LGBTQ civil rights organization, as they help pass Bill 238, a new Puerto Rican law that bans employment discrimination based on sexual + gender orientation.

‘Mala Mala’ will be showing at the IFC Center (NYC) all weekend up until July 9th.  For a complete schedule, click here.


WANTED: Grey + Red Drawstring Bag by Persephoni


Grey + red make for a sick colorway, especially when it comes to a drawstring bag like the one above.  But when you add a metal base, that just makes it a ‘Must Cop’.  The ‘Grey + Red Drawstring Bag’ by Persephoni, selected by Valery Demure, is handmade + lined in grey suede.  The bag fastens with its red leather drawstring, featuring a single shoulder strap, also in red.


What I love most about this bag is the juxtaposition of both hard + soft at play here.  The soft grey leather bag looks as soft as ‘buttah’, but the geometric aspect of the metal base just makes me sigh with enthusiasm.


The ‘Grey + Red Drawstring Bag’ by Persephoni is now available at Valery Demure.

Unique Haute Couture Eyewear



Getting back to the basics of traditional Italian haute couture, Sandro Gonnella devised an original approach to eyewear with Ozona®.  Combining innovation with tradition, where haute couture is applied to eyewear combined with state-of-the-art technologies, Gonnella has created beautiful pieces, at times considered to be wearable sculptures.  Made of what appears to be several layers, until the desired design is achieved, the end result is very striking.


Handmade in Italy, what makes this eyewear so unique is how the design grows from the client’s idea without any predefined model.  Gonnella’s genius creativity sparks the design, resulting in different prototypes, to get the ideal frame.  The eyeglass frame continues to remain in a raw state + only after having found its owner, will it be refinished in the atelier.

Made of high quality Italian acetate, the frames have a more natural feel, making them extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic, very flexible + durable.  But besides having bespoke eyewear, confidentiality is key, guaranteeing no reproductions of your unique Ozona® sartorial glasses, + who doesn’t love that?!

For your very own unique pair of Ozona® eyeglasses, go to Wowcracy.



Beautiful Portraits Inspired By Shamanism, Sacred Geometry + Wisdom


Stylist/Shaman Mia Morgan‘s, make-up/body paint artist Georgina Billington‘s + photographer Lindsay Adler‘s collaboration resulted in the beautiful photographic series ‘Visionary Art Project‘, based on the expansion of consciousness through art.  Inspired by shamanism, wisdom + sacred geometry, each design was created with a different concept based on these inspos.

For more on the ‘Visionary Art Project’, go to kickstarter.






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