WANTED: ‘Shadow Blazer’ + ‘Shadow Pant’ By Julian Zigerli


To call Julian Zigerli one of my favorite menswear designers is an understatement. Not only do I live for his patterns + silhouettes, I love the fun he has with his designs. Take this amazing ‘Shadow Blazer’ + ‘Shadow Pants’ as a for instance.


The ‘Shadow Blazer’, made of 100% cotton, has a strategically placed all-around print, giving it that trompe l’oeil effect, which never gets old.


Single breasted with a hidden button closure + sleeves with vent details, it also features piped pockets to hips. Compliments are definitely guaranteed when wearing this jacket. But other than just print placement making this jacket special, it’s the overall look of it that really caught my eye. I just adore how the edges of these lines look like someone painted them on a wet jacket, giving it that bleeding or spreading effect.


The ‘Shadow Pants’ really pop with this print. Also made of 100% cotton, these pants have a straight fit, complete with five pockets + a waistband with belt loops.


The stitched heart on back pocket, is a sweet touch, don’t you think? But the best part of these separates is how great they look together or on their own to add that extra punch to any ensemble. Overall, both pieces look like a living breathing 2D sketch, brought to life by pairing them with cool footwear + tops.

For your very own Julian Zigerli ‘Shadow Blazer’, ‘Shadow Pants’ or both, head over to ELKEL.



Hating To Say Goodbye To Prince


(photo: ‘Purple Rain’ film still, directed by Albert Magnoli) The film still above now lives where the ‘Purple Rain’ music video used to be since it’s no longer available for viewing.

I’m still in disbelief that the genius known as Prince has died. Unlike so many living artists today, very few can touch his creativity + vast amounts of talent. With the ability to play so many instruments, produce brilliant tracks + compose such poignant + touching lyrics, Prince was a unique individual that embraced being a ‘black sheep’ with pride + no apology. I always thought, if I were to have kids, I wanted to send Prince a note asking him to remix some popular lullabies, so my kids could grow up knowing what great music sounds like.

For me, there are way too many Prince tracks to name as my favorite, but here is his classic, ‘Purple Rain’, to listen to, as we lament his loss together.

Prince, I wish you had stayed with us a little longer but thank you for being you + gracing us with such amazing music.



Don’t Miss Out On This Major Bag Sale


And it’s soo good, you just have to pounce on one of these deals, before they run out!

The ‘COUNTESS Studded Cross Body Clutch‘ would make a perfect bag to add some edge or flash to your look. Whereas the ‘MAIDEN Wallet / Clutch‘, shown here in mint, is not only practical + cool looking, but it comes in seven other colors. A wallet like this is supposed to easily double as a clutch, unless of course, you have a flat-screen tv as a phone (thanks apple!), smoke cigs + decided to wear a MAC lipstick, whose chubby bullet buddy, seals your doom, making it close to impossible to zip that baby up. Now, the ‘QUEEN Carry All Tote / Shoulder Bag‘, which is also available in cognac, kills it with One Fated Knight’s signature weave pattern + centered logo. I would definitely attempt to use it as a gym bag, to at least look the part, while I struggle out of my jeans, to get dressed for spin class.


The ‘DUCHESS Envelope Clutch Bag‘ is like catnip for the minimalist, but, it’s also the perfect bag to take you from the office to a night out. One Fated Knight’s ‘EMPRESS Studded Slouchy Hobo Bag‘ has it all. It’s not too large + not too small + due to this bag’s style, hobo bags for the most part, are super comfy.

But honestly, not only are these bags huge investments, their other bags are just as beautiful, so you might be tempted to buy more than one. Click here for more on One Fated Knight.

Good Luck!

How To Wear Female Nudes This Spring


When I first saw this EGG & BEAN collection, I wanted every single piece. Created by Alicia Marulanda, a Montreal-based designer + artist, simple yet sexy illustrations of naked women, are placed on very basic items of clothing. And by doing so, Alicia’s illustrations become the main focus. But what’s so great about these nudes is that they by no means objectify, but rather, celebrate Alicia’s inspiration by all of life’s characters + sensual pleasures.


There is something very crude about her illustration style, in the play between very angular lines + curves, giving the different pieces a retro yet modern appeal. Just look at the slip dress above, + notice how perfect it is, in the off-center placement of the woman + the size of the image, which is big enough to make a statement, but not obnoxiously.

eb2cyScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.35.47 PM

And I’m sure, if you’re a woman, you can probably identify with a few, if not all of the women shown here.

eb1cyScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.35.34 PM

But who wouldn’t want to own a ‘Stoner Pussy Sweater’ above in white or the black ‘Domina Sweater’? Either way, any of these pieces would be key for Spring, don’t you think, especially the ‘Pisces’ dress above?

ebcy3(Some of the pieces are made by Print All Over Me.)

For purchase + more info on EGG & BEAN, click here.

Get ‘Connected’ With Pamela Anderson

Nothing says TBT like ‘Connected’, a cool Sci-Fi Short starring Pamela Anderson + Dree Hemingway.

Directed by Luke Gilford, Pamela Anderson’s character named Jackie, is an AuraCycle workout instructor. Now you would think she’d be surrounded by her sweaty students, but instead, she performs for an online audience + listens to self-help podcasts (voiced by Jane Fonda) that promise eternal life in a fast-approaching new world. Without makeup + still as stunning, she’s constantly adrift in deep thought, trying to find some relevance in her life, wanting to feel ‘present’, as you feel along with her how her life is going nowhere. Of course, the world in which she lives in, appears to be an unsettling + sterile notion of the future, where the easy fix of being ‘connected’ with a sense of calm, is the only answer.

She finally resorts to getting connected, in a place that looks like a cult of sorts, which one might claim to be the home of the podcast voice, permeating Jackie’s everyday. Shown around by Dree Hemingway, there, you see people dressed in monotone utilitarian looks, that ‘connect’ together, yet never communicate + never touch, which challenges the notion of “Are they really connected?”




Saying Goodbye To Zaha Hadid

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.18.59 PM

To imagine that such a talent, like architect Zaha Hadid has passed, is truly depressing, as I don’t think she was quite done stunning the world with her many talents. Reported dead today at 65, due to a heart attack, all you can really do is but relish in all of her accomplishments + how she didn’t just push the envelope, but rather, bulldozed it, always reaching new heights, especially as a female architect.


(Galaxy SOHO in Beijing, China, 2010 | photo by Flickr/Creative Commons)


(Phaeno Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany, 2005 | photo by Werner Huthmacher via Arch Daily)

Often referred to as the ‘Queen Of Curves’, upon first seeing her structures, I marveled at how much detail went into her creations, but not. The design of a lot of her buildings, although complex + yes, often riddled by curves, engulfed its surroundings, making the interaction between you + the building an experiential one, where smell, sight + touch were one. Take the ‘Galaxy SOHO’ above for example, + see how the curves of the lines converge into an infinite curve, while segmented by the curves themselves. Regarding her penchant for curves + her design philosophy, Hadid would say, “There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?”, which makes perfect sense, unless the world was to remain flat, no?

But Hadid’s brilliance also curved in many other directions other than just buildings, including product,


(Sawaya & Moroni: Z-Chair)



(The Lamellae Twisted Cuff for Georg Jensen)

+ boat design.


(Limited edition speedboat for American art dealer Kenny Schachter)

Zaha will obviously be missed, but, luckily for us, her legacy will continue to excite + inspire us all.



Backpack That Pops With Changing Colors


If you’re into backpacks + iridescence, then this backpack is for you! Designed by Stevan Saville, the ‘Miami Backpack’ marries form + function flawlessly. By pairing navy leather, for the backpack’s body + straps, along with an iridescent foiled leather front panel, this kind of accessory could easily turn any plain look into something eye-catching. With a fold over body to adjust size, makes this backpack perfect for anyone who’s always rushing from one place to the next, without sacrificing style or function.

The genius though, lies in the colors at play here. The iridescent foiled leather front panel seems to radiate green, gold, teal, blue + orange. Therefore, one would think how the leather body of this backpack should be a cognac or orange color, to really tie-in those front panel colors. Instead, Saville opts for a navy colored leather which is a brilliant neutral, especially up against all those colors. The hardware’s minimalism also ties in beautifully with the overall design of this backpack.

For your very own ‘Miami Backpack’ + more products by Stevan Saville, go to NOT JUST A LABEL.