Add Color To Your Fall Looks With JOUR/NÉ’s ‘Over The Rainbow’ Collection


For Fall, why not add punches of color into your wardrobe like pieces from JOUR/NÉ‘S FW/15 ‘Over The Rainbow’ collection, which is done in the most subtle of ways.  Featuring inside lining edges, similar to the coat above, along with edged sweaters, piped pockets + the occasional buttons, in primary bright yellow, red + blue, it doesn’t get any simpler than that, even for those afraid of color.  But by adding these colored accents on light pink, white, olive + grey, they tend to pop that much more than rather fade into the background as seen throughout.


But besides the pops of color, there are western motifs found on jackets, more relaxed pieces like a hoodie + the mix of textures including wool, velvet + cotton, that make up the collection.


Overall, with JOUR/NÉ, you’re sure to have fun with your clothes, no matter what piece(s) you decide to wear.  For more on the brand or purchase, go to JOUR/NÉ shop.

For #TBT, Delve Deep Into Emotion With Gem Club’s ‘Spine’ Video

For #TBT, why not indulge in Gem Club’s conceptual video for’Spine’, which is stunningly beautiful in its simplicity.  Mixed with strings, piano + their voices singing as one, then paired with lyrics:


“Thread around my arms
Pierces my mouth
Man arise from the lake

Find there is nothing left
Spine splits and shifts
From dusted days
Her perfume is sick
Gun powder sings
You’re beautiful
Silver apples
Like carrion”

you just can’t help but be hypnotized by the multi-sensory overload of such powerful emotion.






WANTED: Miss Thang Glitter Sandals By Sophia Webster


Wouldn’t these ‘Miss Thang Glitter Sandals’ by Sophia Webster, look absolutely adorable with a cute Fall ensemble?  In pink glitter with toe speech bubble embellishments that read ‘Miss’ (R) + ‘Thang’ (L) + a rounded pencil heel, there’s no telling how many envious looks you might get when stepping out in them.

Sophia Webster’s ‘Miss Thang Glitter Sandals’ are available for purchase at Browns.


Emoji Mosaic Creates Emoji Magic In Seconds

There used to be a time when women more than men, would use emojis to express themselves.  Nowadays, everyone’s guilty + with good reason, as we’ve become so visual.  Well, imagine being able to cherish your memories with emojis, like I did here with W magazine’s September cover with Gigi Hadid?


Rather than stressing out by choosing all the appropriate emojis + arranging them by color, to get the image you want, web developer Eric Andrew Lewis, at the New York Times, has been kind enough to bestow us with his newly created software to do all the work in just seconds!  Called Emoji Mosaic, the program allows you to turn any picture into an emoji anything, like my LOVE magazine’s September cover with C-3PO below.



Just upload the pic of your choice + bam, you get it in emoji form.

Now doesn’t Katy Perry just look awesome in my emoji Harper’s Bazaar September cover of her?




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Peaches Wants To Wrestle You For A ‘Close Up’

Wake up this morning to some wrestling + ‘Close Up’, the new cool + catchy track by Peaches.  Featuring Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon as Peaches’ fur totting manager, counting bills while taking pulls from her vape stick, you see Peaches take care of business in the ring with a colorful bunch of opponents.  Of course, once she + her blue-haired opponent lock lips, it’s all over, or is it?

But Kim Gordon is not the only notable to find in this video.  Fascinated by Lucha VaVOOM, who make an appearance in the ring, Peaches has always been in interested in ‘the relationships between coach + student + between men + their sports,’ while revealing in a press release how she wanted to combine the two, but adding some little twists.

Be sure to check out new track ‘Close Up’ on Peaches’ upcoming album ‘Rub’, set to drop September 25.


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The ‘Hollywood Glam Collection’ Features Facial Jewelry For Both Him + Her


Facial jewelry is nothing new, but in the hands of designer Jean Gritsfeldt, its fashioned to appeal to both sexes which makes it so special.

j4 j2

Comprised of lip + nose clips + earrings with crystals, the Hollywood Glam collection is designed to fit any look you wear with them.  Unlike the earrings, you can wear the ‘Nose Clip Crystals’ on either your nose or lip.




Made of artificial stone with silver-plate metal, these jewelry pieces are sure to make you stand out 365 days of the year.

To purchase Jean Gritsfeldt’s ‘Hollywood Crystal Earrings’, ‘Nose Clip Crystals’ + ‘Hollywood Lip Glam Jewelry’, go to NOT JUST A LABEL.