Sia’s performance of ‘Chandelier’ on ‘Ellen’, where she sang with her back to the audience, along with the talented Maddie Ziegler from her video, was genius.  But her performance on last night’s ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ was just as amazing but in a different way (above).  

This performance was still very conceptual yet this time, our gal Sia brought along none other than Lena Dunham of GIRLS, dressed up as her in a platinum blond wig, in a white suit, shirt + shoes – a great look for Dunham.  Flashes of enthusiasm take over the actress as she dances with cardboard cutouts + toilet paper, later to snuggle in bed with the singer.  And if you look closely, Sia, laying face down on the bed, is clearly singing, as you see her back moving up + down with every note.

I’m envisioning lots of ‘Sias’ for Halloween this year, right?


(via pitchfork)

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