For #FlashbackFriday, delve into the JonOne‘s intimate world of abstract art meets graffiti in short film ‘This Is Not Graffiti’ (A JonOne Portrait + A Right Jab).  Directed by Alexis Deforges, you get to hear a first hand account of what it was like to be one of the pioneers of the ‘graffiti bandwagon’ as JonOne likes to call it, but set apart + criticized for his need to express himself abstractly.

Naming De Kooning + Pollock as some of his favorite artists, what he particularly loved about their style was how physical they were with the paint + their work, which is very apparent in his own work seen throughout the film.  With a career that spans three decades, this New York born artist living in Paris, has managed to continue to elevate graffiti to another level while still keeping that art form’s integrity intact + it’s undeniable relevance to all things contemporary.


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