Wake up to beautiful people, in this fashion film for track ‘He, She, Me’ by Devonte Hynes + Neneh Cherry. Choreographed by Ryan Heffington + directed by Kathryn Ferguson for Selfridges, their press release reads that the video + hauntingly beautiful track are to work as an exploration of the idea of Agender. In turn, Agender, according to Selfridges, is a celebration of fashion without definition, to explore + examine shifting gender boundaries through ground-breaking fashion, music + design collaborations.  Of the film, Ferguson told pitchfork,

‘The film is an evolving journey through a subtle push + pull between masculinity + femininity, captured entirely in one unbroken shot, utilising in-camera camera effects in a world populated by out-scaled physical props inspired by Faye Toogood’s in store realisation of Agender. This film has come at a time when important conversations about gender fluidity + non-binary ways of being are finally getting a lot of attention.’ 

Hopefully, more projects like this one will continue to blur + eventually obliterate the necessity of labeling someone as one or the other, but rather, just as you + me.

To see more of this amazing project + SHOP THE EDIT, click Selfridges.


(via pitchfork)

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