For #FlashbackFriday, Erik Madigan Heck’s short film flashes forward with some of Brooklyn’s coolest club kids grooving to Mike Dehnert’s tech house classic ‘Detroit Switch Back to City’ – a track he heard at Berlin’s renowned Berghain club.  Applying the same anthropological approach used by Dutch video artist Rineke Dijkstra’s 1997 film, where after-hours club goers from popular spots including The Buzz Club in Liverpool, England, + Mysteryworld of Zaandam, Netherlands, were taken out of their dancefloor comfort zone + photographing them in a white cube, creating striking portraits of that isolated social group.

I just love how raw everyone looks, with their own personal style, in this empty space, owning who they are or whatever persona they’re pretending to be for the night, full of confidence + lots of attitude, to Dehnert’s hot track.



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