M.I.L.K’s Video For Track ‘If We Want To’ Guarantees Summer On Repeat

Unfortunately, the video described below no longer is fit for public view but you can at least enjoy the song.

If you want to feel the sun on your face + feel the swell of your heart when falling in love, then you’ll totally dig M.I.L.K’s ingenious debut video for track ‘If We Want To’, by lead singer Emil Wilk, featuring ex-girlfriend model Emma Oak.  Using 90′s digital elements to great effect + inspired by Yves Klein’s blue palette, first-time director Wilk told NOWNESS, ‘To me, summer is everything that is in this video,’ adding, ‘It’s hanging out with people you love.  It’s strawberries on foreign rooftops; It’s sailing around the harbor of Copenhagen + skinny dipping with strangers.’

Now thanks to Copenhagen-based collective M.I.L.K, you can experience this kind of summer on repeat, thanks to this dope video + track!



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