Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied on

Mixed media artist + filmmaker Quentin Jones sure knows how to grab your attention, with her surrealist approach to filmmaking.  It just so happens that Jones was put to the task of creating something for Miley Cyrus‘ current ‘Bangerz’ tour + this was the bangin’ result.

In ‘Miley’, a two-minute black + white video directed by Jones, her signature usage of stop motion animation with bursts of paint, matched perfectly with the ‘Miley’ persona – a sexy caricature of herself who doesn’t make apologies for her actions, isn’t afraid of sex + above all else, knows how to have fun.  

Cutouts of Miley’s eyes + mouth were placed on other parts of her body, turning up the surrealist factor.  Jones then repeatedly usesd popular sex motifs like fishnets, latex + exaggerated eyelashes, perhaps made of black paper, to revere the singer’s sex appeal, no matter how many times you’ve seen her stick her tongue out at you.



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