Celebrate Valentine’s Day With A Romance In Lower Mathematics

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For Valentine’s Day, here’s Chuck Jones’ 1965 animated short ‘The Dot + The Line, A Romance In Lower Mathematics’,  a true classic + one of my favorite love stories.  Luckily, this story can be referenced over + over, in its book form below.

The story, penned by architect + author Norton Juster, is about how a straight line falls hopelessly in love with a dot.  The dot finding the line so stiff prefers a squiggle.  The line then tries to do whatever he can to compete + manages to bend into an angle.  The line works to refine this new ability, creating shapes so complex that it has to label its sides + angles to keep its place.  The dot then realizes the squiggle was nothing but chaos + then runs off with the line.

I’m sure we’ve all been there!


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