3 Different Ways To Give Flowers For Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, it’s customary to give your paramour a bouquet of real flowers, albeit all in their favorite color + or, their favorite flower.  Now, the one true advantage here, depending on the type of flower, is the lingering fragrance until its inevitable date of termination.  But what about breaking with tradition this year + giving flowers in the form of photography books showcasing them at their best?

With ‘Botanica Magnifica: Portraits of the World’s Most Extraordinary Flowers + Plants‘ with photographs by Jonathan Singer + text by W. John Kress + Marc Hachadourian, you get to see up close portraits of interesting florals, with some bordering on alien?


With the ‘Encyclopedia Of Flowers’, you get to see amazing floral works created by genius Makoto Azuma + photographed by Shunsuke Shiinoki, with ‘designs’ that can’t help but let the viewer get lost in every image.  Take the pic on the upper left below, + how there’s no inch of discussion with the assemblages created within themselves etcetera.


Finally, with ‘Dream Sequence‘ by Madame Peripetie, striking portraits are related celebrating the the crossroads between fashion, photography, performance + art.  Florals do not only become part of the background but they in turn, become part of the makeup, accessories + clothing, accentuated by the emotion displayed, as a whole.


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