This fashion film proves what a difference music makes in setting the tone of the film, a lot like slow motion.  Created by the brilliant duo Hunter + Gatti for KOCCA, starring Eniko Mihalik + Andres Velencoso, fashion film ‘K Woman’ will bring to mind Hitchkock’s ‘Psycho’.  In it, we see model Eniko Mihalik checking into a motel, managed by the hot Andres Velencoso.  Now if the film had an electronic or dance soundtrack, it would lift the mood of the film + give it that levity most dreary + rainy nights lack, which is the kind of night set here.  But no, the somber tone is steady + the suspense continues to build.  Eniko then finds a peephole in the wall + starts staring at Andres showering, which just compels any girl to want to play, which is exactly what she does.  But as any great femme fatale will tell you, the girl gets the boy, kills him, moves on + it’s business as usual.  Love, love, love!


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