If you’re too embarrassed to admit how much you love playing with Legos or think their colors will clash way too much with your decor when you spill them on your floor, here’s Google Chrome to the rescue with ‘Build With Chrome’.  ’Build With Chrome’ will allow you to build with Legos using the Chrome browser.  

Announced yesterday by Google Chrome, Google said on its blog, “We think the creative freedom of Lego bricks shouldn’t be limited to plastic bins.”  With an unlimited number of 10 different colored bricks in 14 sizes plus a couple of special pieces like doors + windows, the possibilities are endless.  Cooler even is how users can view their works from different angles + zoom in or out.  And if you’re afraid no one will get to see your masterpiece(s), don’t worry, you’ll be able to share your creation(s) on Google+.  You’ll also be able to explore other designs by location on a special version of Google Maps.

With ‘The Lego Movie‘ set to drop Feb. 7, ‘Build With Chrome’ could not have launched at a better time.  Be sure to check out some characters from the film featured in the tutorials.

Nicely played Google!

(via Mashable)

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