3D-Printed Eyewear For The Eccentric


Don’t you just love these 3D-printed geometric shaped eyeglasses?  Created by Nasim Sehat in her Shangaï workshop, this tremendously cool eyewear series called ‘Biz Eyes’ is comprised of custom 3D-printed detachable glasses.  The different detachable shapes can be replaced by turning them 25 degrees + screwing another pair on for a more crazier look than the last.


Now ‘Biz Eyes’ has two different collections. There’s the ‘Cream On Chrome’ above, made up of cream + black pieces + the ‘Genesis’ collection below, made up of kookier shapes in a variety of colors.


It’s great that Sehat chose to keep the frame a dull translucent color, to not distract any attention away from all the detachable shapes.

To purchase your very own pair of ‘Biz Eyes’, click here.


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