3D Silhouette By Blon. D



For designer Giuliana Corona’s Blon. D ‘Silhouette’ collection, form + texture prevail.  Featuring handmade pieces, the ‘Silhouette Cape‘ above, will definitely get you noticed, from every angle, with an insert on the left shoulder + the right side made of felt.


Whereas The ‘Silhouette Dress‘ above, with its asymmetrical lines, has an under wire, giving the felt top of the dress its curved shape.  The entirely hand stitched lower half of the dress, has an interesting ribbon structure detail, similar to men’s Elizabethan pants, made of both felt + faux leather.

The designer finds ‘the body to be a mystery for her, showing what we are + what we were + how the body reacts to our feelings, to our sufferances + loves. The body might reveal what you really are + what you really want, if you are able to listen to it.’

These Blon.D pieces are available for purchase at NOT JUST A LABEL.

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