Wake up to the beautiful fashion film ‘Holi Holy’ by designer Manish Arora + directed by Bharat Sikka.  Winner of the ASVOFF 6 Gran Prix, Best Sound, + Best Emerging Talent awards, ‘Holi Holy’, conceptualized + styled by Manish Arora, also starred the beautiful musician + contemporary artist Bishi. The film celebrates widows from Varanasi, the holiest of the seven sacred cities in Hinduism + Jainism, who broke centuries of tradition + played Holi Holy for the first time in 2013, all captured on film, covered in Holi color + Manish Arora’s vivid clothes.

I simply love the negative space in a lot of the shots, the haunting vocals  + the beautiful juxtaposition of Arora’s bright, ornate + almost regal looks, worn by Bishi, against the mostly grey landscapes.

(via purple)

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