Ticket to LA: Quentin Jones on Nowness.com

For a bit of inspiration, here’s a short film by the sickly talented director + illustrator Quentin Jones, discussing with top creatives, ‘What superpowers would they like to have + why,’ brilliant inventions + what would be the title of their autobiographies’.  Each of those interviewed, took part in last month’s LA-centric Semi-Permanent event – a traveling global conference of multidisciplinary exhibits, talks, and workshops designed to foster creative thinking.

Expect to see many famous faces including  Purple magazine publisher Olivier Zahm, curator + filmmaker Aaron Rose + music vid director Floria Sigismondi. Some admissions are very funny + ironic.  Take Aaron Rose for instance, whom would love to have the power of having x-ray vision.  With this power, Rose would be able to see past someone’s surface into their private thoughts or moments, and yet, as a filmmaker, he already does this except his ‘lenses’ are a lot bigger.

When NOWNESS turns around + asks director Quentin Jones the same questions, she replies with:  superpower-a driver with a selection of shoes in boot, favorite smell-stems of tomato plants + name of autobiography-Diaries of the Accidental.

(via NOWNESS) 

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