Here’s i-D’s i-Do, shot by Zoe Bulbeck, as an homage to Jessie Ware‘s trademark double bun worn brilliantly on her album cover release ‘Devotion’, as seen here.  


But it doesn’t stop at just the hair either – after the i-Do, makeup is then applied to replicate the softness of Jessie’s face, which is a great way to off-set such a severe + neat do.   This short film for the ‘Devotion’ double bun look i-D recreated, thanks to the talent of hair stylist Amber Rose Peake at Dalston’s Blue Tit salon, is simply heavenly with Jessie Ware’s sultry voice in the background singing her ‘Wildest Moments’. 

For those who find it hard to hit play, comb, part, pause, brush, play + pause again, to get that last hair to curl just so, you can read instructions here:

1. Straighten all hair to ensure the ponytail is flat, smooth and sleek.

2. Section the hair from top to bottom, whilst spraying lightly with hair spray and brush sections into a pony tail.

3. Secure the ponytail with a piece of elastic and apply a smoothing product, if necessary.

4. Apply the first doughnut, wrap hair around and pin. Make sure you hold a section of hair out of the ponytail for the final bun.

5. Apply the final smaller doughnut, wrap hair around and pin.

(via i-D)

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