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Check out Dita Von Teese‘s singing debut, for Monarchy‘s new single ‘Disintegration’ in a video directed by Roy Raz.  According to Monarchy’s Andrew Armstrong regarding the inimitable queen of tease, “She’s a 1950s style housewife stuck in a toxic, dry relationship. She’s fantasizing, releasing herself in a dream world of lovers.”  With scenes of desperation for change and wanton disdain, reflected by crumbling walls + bearing frowns amongst neighboring smiles interspersed by naked bodies writhing as one, translated perfectly by Israel’s young Batsheva Dance Company, you get to visually + physically experience what Dita’s housewife character is going through.  With Monarchy’s synth dance track as background, Dita’s sultry voice acts as that of the dull housewife’s alter ego, begging to be heard + set free. 

Between retro ‘perfection’ + surreal fantasies, Tel Aviv-based Raz manages to heighten Von Teese’s sad life by showing us how the mere biting of a mosquito excites her to a sexual level as with every pull for blood feels like coital penetration for the poor little housewife.  In the end, reality violently takes hold as her husband kills her ‘fantasy’ (mosquito) with just one hand and all is lost + stale once again. 

“There should be something reserved, unreachable, unobtainable about an ideal muse—close enough to inspire but just out of reach to keep the mystery.  We have that in Dita,” says Armstrong – Only someone like Dita could find sexy in restraint effortlessly.

(via NOWNESS) 

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