Loving Mykki Blanco’s ‘Haze.Boogie.Life’ music video above – it’s obnoxious, fearless + confrontational – just like her.  Shot in East London while on her recent European tour, Mykki carries on carelessly through the streets and hangs with friends, while spitting rhymes.  

Going back + forth as herself and Michael Quattelbalm Jr., through several looks and random GIFferent pauses, the tone of delivery changes from a strong woman commanding attention, a ‘lil-ol-me’ chick batting her lashes, to a cocky guy just throwing it down raw and simple. Including a stretch wine velvet dress with two high, long ponytails and a black bandage dress with huge gold earrings to long semi-colorful braids piled high while wearing a purple camo jacket shirtless with saggy jeans only strengthens the fact that Mykki’s diverse talents go farther than just being another pretty face.

The song’s beat + tone begs to threaten the listener to start snapping their tongue to their palate and ‘sing’ along.

Check out them gold nails with thorns. 

(via pitchfork.tv)

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