A Bag Collection To Match With This Year’s Pantone Colors

riax_6I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but, pastels make great neutrals, similar to grey, black, navy + brown. And with this year’s Pantone colors being Serenity + Rose Quartz, a soft pink + a light blueish-lavender, there is no mistaking any of these bags will accessorize either color perfectly. The ‘Pack Bag Collection’ by AliK, a minimalist luxury leather accessories brand created in Milan in 2014, does more than just look pretty.


Created by designer Alessandra Congiu, the bags’ inspiration came from something not fashion related like paper containers for sweets, for example.  In a way, it’s plain to see, judging from the diagrams, showing you how to assemble each bag. Packaging  becomes an ironic + original bag. alikmcy

The Mini Bags, Cases + Backpacks seen here, clearly show how perfectly the food container inspo came together. The designer’s passion for Swedish-Nordic design, was present in the design + presentation of these bags. From their geometric shape, sweet color palette + simple details, including brushed gold hardware, to the bag names + graphics used for each bag’s brochure, resembling that of a famous Swedish furniture factory that sells every item with its own assembly instructions, these bags are


The Mini Bags are perfect for a night out or just brunch.  The Case is great to use as a work purse while the Backpack could easily do all but a night out-too cumbersome.


The most amazing thing about this collection is how they’re all handmade by Italian craftsmen, with no help from any industrial machines. AliK’s philosophy is : Bag is a Design object. “I am a designer. Field is not important”, + who could argue with that when the bags look this beautiful?

To purchase an AliK bag of your own, go to WOWCRACY.





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