A Beautiful Record Of Mother + Child In The Wildlife


The incomparably strong relationship between mother + child is one that can simply be demonstrated between how the mother protects + cares for her child. This, in turn, lead to the creation of ‘Mother and Child: Wildlife Photography’ by Reg Grundy, published by Glitterati Incorporated. Considered a dedication to the resilient animal mothers of this planet + their amazing offspring, Gundy’s goal was to capture, through his lens, the essence of this critical + protective bond. He shot these amazing moments in the mountains, high veldt, woodlands, rainforest, jungles + oceans of both hemispheres.


This book is part of his final tribute, as a recorder of creatures of the wild. Gundy said, “I am here to capture a moment when a creature will do something special + I will record that finite second + share it,” which for us looking in, is a special treat. Through this book, the reader discovers what sets the reality of shooting in the wild, is that it is often the animal that controls the distance between photographer + itself.  Just by looking at the pic below, showing a cheetah with her cubs, demonstrates Gundy’s extraordinary patience to photograph the perfect memory.



Leafing through the amazing images of Gundy’s animal mothers + their offspring, you find yourself wondering how was he able to get that close to shoot such a moment, + then whether his subjects’ predators were simultaneously looking at him + his subjects as their next meal.


‘Mother and Child: Wildlife Photography’ by Reg Grundy, published by Glitterati Incorporated, is a definitive must have for lovers of animals, nature + mothers.

‘Mother and Child: Wildlife Photography’ by Reg Grundy is available for purchase here.

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