A Chair That Can Clearly Change Your Mood Beautifully


Anything that involves layering is usually a good thing, including dressing + painting. So, imagine my surprise when I came across South Korean graphic + industrial designer Sohyun Yun‘s ‘The Layer Chair’?! Granted, it quickly brought to mind the technique of painting different layers of glass, giving your painted piece a 3D effect, but, I’ve never seen it applied to a chair.

Called a Serigraphy on acrylic panel, is the process where a print is created through screen printing onto a



This see-thru chair comes with a limited number of prints of your choice, to change the design, whenever you see fit. Simply by sliding the layers inside the back + base of the chair, you’ll be able to fool your guests with having new furniture every time they visit!



Yet, what I love the most about this project, is how you can take a modern chair design + hint at a vintage version of the same piece of furniture, with only imagery, as seen below. (This tufted leather seat is just genius!)




(via fubiz)

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