A ‘Modern-Day Urban Warrior’ Takes Over PFW 2015


Manish Arora is one of my favorite designers because of his relentless use of bold color, decoration + interesting silhouettes. But when he picked French photographer Charles Fréger, to shoot Arora’s guerrilla poster campaign featuring his Fall 2015 collection, his looks took on a whole new level. You see, Fréger’s expertise lies in his series of portraits of sportsmen + soldiers, which granted him the ability to perfectly capture the essence of the ‘modern-day urban warrior’.

ma2Debra Shaw in Manish Arora fall-winter looks.ma1

Starring model Debra Shaw + styled by Joanna Schlenzka, Fréger had the perfect canvas to work with, able to incorporate his interesting poses + signature portrait style. With looks that focused on a lot of layering, different textures, a multitude of prints, many embellishments + a vast array of clever accessories, this campaign is sure to liven things up during Paris Fashion Week, which runs from Sept. 29 to Oct. 7.

(via WWD)

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