Achieve Futuristic Asymmetry With Jacob Birge Vision Boots


Using the power of asymmetry, designer Jacob Birge champions the strong minded, liberated women of the future with these two pairs of boots from his Jacob Birge Vision AW/15 collection. Combining elegance with ferocity in the predatory animal prints, juxtaposed with patent leathers + suede, you get an interesting shoe indeed.  It’s all about the angles with these boots. His Jacob For Mys Space Boots make a dramatic statement with geometric cuts in a striking black, grey and metallic red colorway. The metallic red front peak, shoots straight up the front of the leg, making side profile selfies a must!


The angles make all the difference with these boots. Yet, there’s no mistaking Birge really knows a woman’s body + how it moves, as demonstrated in the shape of these shoes.


With his Jacob for Mys High Heeled Boots, while using the same colorway to dramatic effect, the animal print takes center stage in black, covering most of the boot + heel. This boot will have you walking away a lot, as the back black peak, points straight up to your butt.


What I love most about these two boots, is how great they highlight any look, exposed leg or not.

For more on Jacob Birge Vision, go to NOT JUST ANOTHER LABEL.


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