Ashish Parties With Sequined Colors


Ashish delivered yet again for Fall. With models in monochrome looks, complete with cotton candy afros, the woman Ashish Gupta had in mind when designing this collection, was one that definitely knows how to party + always makes the ONLY entrance.

Everything was covered in sequins, which turned me into a moth fleeting to the light, no matter the consequences. There were as many pantsuits as there were dresses. Of course, I’m not referring to a typical suit + jacket ensemble but rather matching separates that could work for evening just as well. Now mind you, I’m a strong believer in wearing sequins other than just for evening.


There was a pajama set in holographic Lavender, a dead ringer for Serenity, one of Pantone’s 2016 color of the year, while an embellished denim jacket, paired with wide leg jeans, which made for a strong statement as well. Of course, the bomber jacket, a consistent season favorite, made its appearance, with both sequins + dangling crystals, paired with acid green tapered leg pants. For me, the holographic pink look below is my fave of all the pant looks, hands down!

As for the dresses, they all varied in length + variety. You had spaghetti strap mini dresses, a maxi gown with a deep plunging neckline, while a magenta number was all about a lot of leg, with a high side slit starting from the last of three bows, giving the impression they were holding the whole thing together.

So why present this collection in such a fashion? Well according to Gupta, he told VOGUE RUNWAY how he was initially inspired by a box of crayons, then added: “I thought it would be lovely to have each girl in one color, head to toe. And then I was looking at ’80s luxury couture—a little bit mumsy but made hyper-textural. There’s like 50 different types of fringe in the collection—crystals, beads, sequins, the works.”


(photos: Luca Tombolini)


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