Atelier Versace’s Spring 2016 Utilitarian Couture


Atelier Versace’s Spring Couture collection had surprising elements, considering all the glitz and  glam attached to this brand. Granted, that was all very much there, but, with the addition of utilitarian accents, which in someone else’s hands might not make sense, but of course, not for Donatella.


Present, were her signature long whispy dresses-some with the requisite high leg slit, if not a plunging neckline or both, but a lot of the looks included belts that could double as seatbelts, whereas other times, there were straps with hooks, perfect for strapping it to a purse or keys. Some looks had Swarovski encrusted cords, as ties for a dress + for shoes.


Of course, there were many of Versace’s short mini bodycon dresses, for those nights you’re not planning on eating. But what I loved the most, where the liner patterns in the forms of shiny embroidery along the top of a dress if not, from the breastplate down to the ankle.

The collection proved to be sexy as usual, but with much graphic appeal!


(photos: Yannis Vlamos)


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