BlowinBoX + Beeple Will Blow Your Mind

These days, more times than not, for any track to gain longevity, in popular culture’s consciousness, it needs to be created by an artist whose scandal outweighs their talents or by an artist whose nothing but a shepherd, with a big enough mouth only good for hating on others if not, just used to talk about nothing else but, themselves, of course.  Now, when it comes to a soundtrack, the music plays many roles including how to define a scene + how to convey a mood which is what I thought of when listening to BlowinBoX.

Electronic tracks, that at times grow to epic proportions, thanks to the composition of its different beats, you can’t help but want to fiend for more.  With the following three videos below, featuring visuals by Beeple + tracks by BlowinBoX, you’ll get to experience a bit of this kind of craving.

In this video for ‘Joyride’, you can’t help but think of the multilayered soundtrack for Gaspar Noe’s ‘Enter The Void’, created by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter, which deals with a drug trip through a sleazy side of Tokyo (must watch!).  Whereas the visuals, remind me of flying through the inside of a spaceship, looking for the docking area, while simultaneously, looking through a subway door window, spiraling into lines + lights.

With this video for ‘Megatron’, the orchestral notes heard from the underbelly of the synth sounds rising above, again makes me reference Daft Punk, but this time, from the latest ‘Tron’ flick. Besides the obvious visuals for such a comparison, this track reminds me of the scene where Jeff Bridges goes to the club to help out son + his identity disc is stolen from his back.

Finally, the simplicity of ‘Searching Futura’, is like reading a love letter to technology based on the clean track + gorgeous visuals.  I love how metal gears, gauges, tubes + dials get recreated, but this time, as if made by glass.  Very beautiful indeed!

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