Crushing Hard On Adele’s New Video For ‘Hello’

Check out Adele‘s return, with her video for new track ‘Hello’, off her new album ’25’. Having admitted to this being the last album she names after her age, in an interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show, no matter what she calls her albums, you’re always guaranteed a good ride or a good cry. In this case, it’s both, as the track deals with heartache + begging for forgiveness. And my girl STILL has those gorgeous nails!

Directed by the hot Xavier Dolan, the sepia-toned story unfolds in the countryside of Montreal, featuring Tristan Wilds (The Wire, The Secret Life of Bees).  Dolan told pitchfork, “It was a privilege to direct the music video for Adele’s beautiful, heartbreaking song,” adding, “When I first heard it, all the images were already running by so clearly in my head + her trust and generosity allowed me to create freely. Being on set with her was wonderful. And the thought of directing her in the ‘acting’ aspect of the term was exciting. I discovered that she’s a very talented actress -no matter what she’ll tell you.”

’25’, on XL Recordings, is due to drop Nov. 20th.


(via pitchfork)

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