Deborah Lippman Teases With ‘GIRLS’ Inspired Nail Colors

Now, I don’t know if you, like me, when word of ‘GIRLS’ surfaced in the beginning , I wasn’t buying it, especially with the second-hand nepotism on the coattails of famous parents.  But like most, I immediately surrendered and became hooked, making me to think a lot, especially about relationships.  The show gave us a moment of pause to really dissect seriously damaged relationships, with others + especially, ourselves.  

Now, although Season 2 doesn’t air until January, Deborah Lippman does us a favor by paying tribute to ‘GIRLS’ and collaborating on a nail polish line with Lena Dunham herself.  This could possibly satiate my appetite for a few more weeks – I love ‘GIRLS’ + I love my nails, so what’s not to love?


(photo: HBO)

Now many might argue that enough is enough with the marketing of shows + films through makeup, albeit for nails, body or face, is getting a bit ridiculous + who wears them anyway but I used to think the same way until I found myself buying the ‘FROG PRINCE OF BEL AIR’, from OPI’s Muppet series, go figure (well, I love Kermit, green + glitter).  In this case, I think it’s very apropos considering each character has started a fashionable debate and not always in defense, like Hanna’s anti-fashion grandma-chic look , Shoshanna’s mall chic in her peace sign emblazoned snuggie and any ‘assembly line’ trend, Marnie’s ‘I’m uptight but at least I look pretty and have a REAL job to Jessa’s ‘I’m a free spirit + can damage whomever I want with no remorse, but it’s okay since I have mystique’.  Lena Dunham (‘Hannah’) gave it her seal of approval by saying:

“Deborah Lippmann’s colors are irreverent and classy and I’ve always coveted them (and stolen them from my mother), so who better to embody the ‘Girls’ spirit in polish form.  I’ve been wearing Hannah like it’s going out of style.”

As far as the colors created for each character, I think they all work, except I can see Shoshanna more in a mint nail rather than lavender.

(via HUFFPO)

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