#FarrOut Patterns Perfect For Fall


Today, artist + Juxtapoz contributor Kristin Farr, just launched a line of wearable gear that highlights her geometric rainbow neo-folk art + psychedelic paintings + patterns.  Farr’s line includes patterned tees, leggings, laptop sleeves + backpacks.  image

To set you aside from anyone at school to the conference room, these laptop sleeves above will definitely do that, if not bring a smile to your new admirers.  The tees are a great way to add just enough color to your Fall wardrobe over a furry sweater or even a long sleeved mod style dress with a moto jacket.


For the more daring, Kristen’s leggings definitely hit all the right marks.  If pattern play is your game, imagine wearing them under a differently patterned dress or even paired with a metallic look.  But if the tees are still a bit much for the shy, try one of these backpacks.  Just imagine wearing a patchwork shearling coat, with one of these backpacks behind you?  I think they would also look great with an obnoxiously big fur coat.


For your very own original wearable piece by Kristen Farr, they are available for purchase at rare.skyou.com.

My favorite, by far, is the first tee called the ‘Magic Eyes’ tee with a woman wearing her diamond patterned eye frames.

But if you still need to get more of a Farr Out experience, why not try her free #FarrOut app.  You can download the App at the itunes store here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id648018062


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