Fashion Film ‘Uniform’  For Eckhaus Latta Is Just That + More

Fashion film ‘Uniform’ is a cause for pause for #ThrowbackThursday. Berlin-born director Alexa Karolinski teamed up with design duo Zoe Latta + Mike Eckhaus of label Eckhaus Latta, to capture a group of Chinatown residents’ fascinating daily morning tai chi exercises in New York’s Columbus Park. Initially, they were only interested in featuring one star but after seeing their incredible movements in unison, while wearing Eckhaus Latta, they had to have them all. But these weren’t your ordinary tai chi moves everyone is used to seeing but rather luk tung kuen, a specialist Chinese form of exercise they’ve been practicing for the past 30 years.

Karolinski told NOWNESS, ‘We’d seen tai chi a million times but we’d never seen something this amazing,’ adding, ‘For these beautiful old ladies who meet every morning it’s a routine in their daily lives, it’s part of their identities.’ Before, they used to wear uniforms, like a yellow one for Summer a woman could not stop reminiscing over, stating how much better it all was then, as they all wore the same thing.

But it’s interesting how the title not only describes their movements but it also addresses how fashion is perceived by many, as a uniform.



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