Fashionable Halloween Ideas For The Undecided + Out Of Time


For Halloween, the ultimate goal is to completely transform into another character that’s not you, just for one night.  Sadly, this is also the time of year where it’s okay for ladies to dress like sluts, but let’s not get it twisted – IT’S EVERY WOMAN’S RIGHT TO DRESS AS SLUTTY AS SHE WANTS, WHENEVER!  But supposing you’re simply pressed for time + out of ideas? Well here are a few quick + easy fashionable Halloween options that will make a statement, no matter how understated.

DESIGNER LOOKSTo the right, you have Gareth Pugh‘s RTW AW/14 notecard-style dress that could easily be recreated with individual pieces of vinyl or shiny wrapping paper.  Another way to go might be using strings of paper garlands, like the one shown here, just to make the production a lot easier + quicker.  To the left, you could recreate this Dior Spring Couture 2014 cut-out silk dress, by taking orange fencing + spray painting it white, for the cut-out portion + attaching it to a simple white mod or an A-line style dress like this one shown here by Topshop.

And when asked, ‘Who are you? or ‘What are you supposed to be?’, you simply answer ‘I’m a _____runway look.’


GUIDO PALAU’S ROBOTS:  With the recent release of Palau’s ‘Hair: Guido‘ book, it was only right to pick some of his masterpieces, especially those that could turn one into a robot.  Take the Black headpieces to the left that look like they are wrapped in garbage bags, with the top one cleverly using soda cans as side accents + the bottom one using different stuffed shapes.  Then you have the heads completely covered in metal barrettes for the Alexander McQueen 2011 runway collection to the right.  Now these headpieces can be worn with a tight black number like Norma Kamali’s Foil Turtleneck Dress below or an elegant sheer embellished look with metallic accents like Junya Watanabe’s Patchwork Georgette Dress.


HORNS AS SHOULDER PADS: Seriously, as if this even needs an introduction.  Just the fact that you use the large horns as shoulder pads, is a major plus already, but imagine, channeling a Game Of Thrones Khalessi  as a Dothraki warrior, paired with low-cut tight espresso or dark grey leather pants?image

GEOMETRIC HAIR + MAKEUP:Part of the Arara Collection with hair by X-Presion + styling by Kattaca, continues the warrior look.   You could simply recreate this hair + draw this geometric black makeup across your face + body, with a fringed jacket, as seen below, sans bra with tight espresso or dark grey leather pants?image

GRAPHIC OUTLINED LIPS: If nothing else, makeup can always dress up any look.  Take the outlined lips to the left, part of Illamasqua‘s Theater Of Nameless Collection – as beautiful as they are on their own, along with the very graphic eye makeup, can transport anyone to a Berlin cabaret + bump into Liza Minnelli herself as the amazing Sally Bowles.  The Illamasqua Toxic Nature SS/11 Collection on the other hand, outlines most of the lips in  a flesh tone, accented by a peachy pink pout in the middle.  I especially love the eye makeup! – can anyone say mermaid, fairy or a Blythe doll that just learned how to put on some makeup to further emphasize her big beautiful eyes.image

FOR KILLER SELFIES: What about trying this makeup technique by master Yadim, created for the dazed + confused 2012 editorial, inspired by the legendary fashion illustrator Réne Gruau.  Could you imagine the crazy ‘Likes’ you would get after posting these kinds of pics?   Yet hopefully, thanks to social media, society’s bad taste is too obvious to ignore, so people might not care that much.


Good luck!

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