Fendi Brings The Ski Looks To The Street For Fall



When it comes to Fendi, all one can think is , “Cha-ching”! Considered a luxury brand for a reason, for Fall menswear, designer Silvia Venturini Fendi decided to make a lot of the pieces reversible, giving you more bang for your buck. But in the same vein of something so simple, so were the clothes, to a point. For this season, Fendi took men to the slopes by mixing lots of ski wear elements with tailored looks, while having lots of fun with color, texture + silhouette.

There were pops of color with bright orange pants + shirts, yellow leather totes + a ski jacket made interesting with color blocking details. Ski shirts, with the zip up collar, complete with zip-up tabs, a current trend, that will trickle its way into next season then Fall, peeking underneath a suit jacket if not cool outerwear, with plenty to choose from, like an army green shearling jacket.

There was a wool coat with bomber style sleeves in cheetah print fur + a striped fur collar with huge lapels that made me think of the stripes found on the collar of traditional bomber jackets made of simple cotton. And who could miss the luxe quilted espresso brown double-breasted leather coat? Gorgeous! But fur was also seen as striped accents on mittens as well as neckwarmers.

Ski wear also made an appearance in the form of pants made paired with a snap collar shirt in ski suit material, underneath a cheetah print fur moto jacket, complete with black + gray loafers, striped socks, a pastel striped fuzzy beanie + a camera bag. Other bags in the collection included striped fur totes, duffle bags + backpacks.

Words, another on-trend accent, was seen on sweaters, beanies + headbands including ‘Fendi, Fantastic + Think’. But for as much one might mistake these guys as if they’re heading to the slopes, they could easily play up these looks as much as in the office or play thereafter. A real standout was a pantsuit with contrasting stitching on the jacket, giving its tailoring a playful feel to it.

As Sylvia put it to Vogue, she had looked back to ’80s + ’90s sportswear, Buffalo (Felix Howard winked forth from the mood board), + her starting point, some inspirational lines from Ernest Hemingway about the positive strategies to try before letting the negative take hold. Mrs. Fendi said: “I want to be optimistic, need to be. These were simple words, universal words like love, listen, try. I was reading this + thinking it is so easy if you follow these universal rules,” + that she did with a collection full of universal appeal.




(photos: Yannis Vlamos/Indigital.tv)


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