Frame Your Face Beautifully With Furry Bangs

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I won’t apologize for loving *fur. As an animal lover, it’s a loaded statement. Then again, how could you resist a furry hat so boss like the one above? Designed by Head Wear Studio (HWS) The ‘Paloma Lite Hat’, this hat is great for two reasons: 1)you get a fun swirly, architectural feature on the back and 2) it has fox fur on the front that frames your face as great as bangs do.

It’s Make-up

Inspired by HWS’s love for elegant style sensuality and rebellious spirit, you can see why through its overall design. Inspiration expressed in clean lines, sophisticated style, and luxurious materials is very clear at the end product. There is no mistaking this hat is a sure guarantee of replacing emotions of bitter cold. Instead, it’s to fill you up with the wanton desire of owning and wearing, a hat just like this!  With equal parts Alpaca Wool and Cashmere finished off by a fox fur visor, it’s simply, divine and a ‘MUST’!

The fox fur front would give a daytime look of jeans, boots and a long coat that extra level of luxe appeal. For evening, however, the swirly back of the faux beanie style would add playfulness for sure. I would be taking pics of myself in that hat at an angle like the pic on the right. It’s the best way to capture all that’s great about this hat.

But Is It Really Too Much?

Although some fur hats can be a bit much, this one has just enough. A hat that is too furry can sometimes make the wearer look a bit funny, if the hair, makeup, and outfit aren’t right. But this hat is perfect

Go to NOT JUST A LABEL, to get started on gathering jealousy from neighboring looks with your very own ‘Paloma Lite Hat’ by Head Wear Studio.

*Since writing this story, my love for fur has shifted to faux fur. 

(Links were removed due to the item being unavailable. UPDATED: March 2020)

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