Futuristic Linear + Spectral Shaped Tattoos


A while back, when I first laid eyes on these spectral shaped tattoos, I gagged, and Tattoo artist Chaim Machlev, with the Dots to Lines studio is guilty for such amazing work.


What kills me is the meticulous detail involved in each tattoo + all the lines involved – I’m a sucker for lines, what can I say. Finely drawn linear + spectral shaped pieces, often cover one part of the body + or limbs, as seen above in the pic of female legs.



To maintain that amount of symmetry + know how to gauge time’s wear on the tattoo, when picking a line’s thickness, is remarkable.


The futuristic appeal of these tattoos just makes me wonder on this ‘what if’: Imagine if information, on how our bodies act + react, were to be minimized to linear + spectral shapes as above, then tattooed on our person, for identification purposes?

(via fubiz)

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