Gareth Pugh SS/15 Collection Summed Up In Three Short Fashion Films


1] ‘Megalith’ shows the different models as music box figures spinning + moving at a staccato pace, then transforming into children’s storybook characters that jumped out of their pages + into the studio, happy to get their ‘close up’!

2] ‘CHAOS’ is just that but a bit tame.  It looks like a pagan ritual with exceptionally dressed attendees, while the pointed hat figure, surrounded by a large circle, reminded me of a Nick Cave ‘Sound Suit’ that was opened like an umbrella + stayed like that.

3] ‘Ascension’, the final film, opens with a shot of models posed like mourners in many paintings of Jesus Christ before ascending up to heaven.  As soon as the main figure starts to rise, the models move with reverence + rejoice for what just took place.


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