Gem Club’s ‘Braid’ Video Might Disgust Yet Turn You On

Prepare to be moved, disturbed + turned on by Gem Club‘s video for ‘Braid’.

‘Braid’, a track from Gem Club’s second album, last year’s ‘In Roses’, perfectly compliments this weird yet fascinating video by the Massachusetts trio. With a piano intro, followed by their voices singing as one, then laced with strings, you don’t know where this video is going but can’t help but wonder what’s gonna happen next.

With a man having a mask sewn onto his face, a rigor mortised cat that doubles as a piano case + couples engaging in blood drenched kisses, the video ends perfectly with a kiss full of such intensity, no matter how passionate or how deep, it feels as if the couple just can’t get quite enough of each other.

This track definitely pushes all the right buttons, pulling on your heart strings, with the swell of the music.


(via pitchfork)

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