Get Entranced By Floating Points’ Video For ‘Nespole’

It’s about that time to take pause + what better way to do it than with this hypnotic video by Floating Points for track ‘Nespole’, off debut album ‘Elaenia’?

The way some of the sounds slowly swell but stop short with little piercing beats buzzing about, like curious bees, perfectly track dancer Kiani Del Valle‘s moves, through interpretive dance. Directed by Sander Houtkruijer, Kiani’s mimicry of sound, with elaborate moves, involving her whole body within a confined imaginary sense of space, follows each second of every wow, wow, zeeeep + zing sound, with flawless expression + synchronicity.

The track itself is just as beautiful in its simplicity + when you pair the dancer + sound together, the end result is perfect.


(via thump)

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