Get Noticed By Adding ‘Florence’ To Your Look


When you think of accessories to adorn the neck, necklaces, chokers + or scarves usually come to mind without batting an eyelash + then, piece throws a wrench in the whole equation by creating such beauty! For the next few days, I will feature a different one of their creations just so you can gain a scope of all the beautiful possibilities created by piece.


                                (back view)

Called ‘Florence‘, this black silk handcrafted neckpiece enchants with hand-dyed feathers, creating a natural variation of tonal burgundies + iridescent blacks. Tubular gunmetal bugle beads at the center of the feather flowers are topped with gunmetal crystal beads at their ends which enhance their shine + sparkle, even in low light.


Featuring a 1 ½’’ wide adjustable extension at the back neck closure, with 4 extra rows of hook + eye facets to fit each neck size, skilled artisans use molded felt fabric between the base fabric + ultra-soft lining to hold shape + add weight. Now this piece can easily turn the simplest look to be red-carpet worthy but in this look, you’re sure to be adored!


Imagine wearing ‘Florence’ over this knee length high neck LINK GARDEN DRESS by Romance Was Born, with drop sleeves + open back detail in a link patterned blended textile + individually hand-cut skirt + sleeve fabric strands. To compliment the iridescence of ‘Flo’s’ burgundy feathers, add this METALLIC CHERRY MARTINE BOOT by Jill Stuart|BONA DRAG. Slay with NAILS colored ‘Faded’, inspired by the color of faded black tattoo ink by FLOSS GLOSS further adorned by this CRYSTAL ENCRUSTED PANTHER RING by Alexis Bittar|SHOPBOP. Then address your wrist with this GOLD BRACELET WITH BLACK DIAMOND by Alyssa Norton|VALERY DEMURE, as it peeks its way through when you top it all off wearing this NAVY STRETCHY FAUX FOX FUR CAPE by Ardent + Co.|WOLF & BADGER.

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