Getting Linear For Spring

Is made easy by these beautiful necklaces.

Designed by Swedish jewelry designer Karin Johansson, these necklaces at first glance, seem too rigid to be worn let alone lend themselves to be anything but beautiful, yet luckily for the wearer, the necklace manages to tell its own story with elegant simplicity.

Carefully and lovingly made by hand, each necklace, although similar to the next, this linear neck accessory tells it’s own story.  Either through the different shapes it holds or the many different colorways each necklace possesses, no matter what, these simple plays with lines would compliment many of the upcoming Spring 2012 trends including mixed prints, neon brights, fluffy pastels and various textures.

Using precious metals (Gold + oxidized Silver), enamel + reconstructed semi-precious stones like turquoise, jade, onyx + pink coral, (as seen throughout), Karin makes her necklaces work by piecing together these natural elements with everyday pieces of imagery experienced within her surroundings. Johansson refers to her work as a ‘treasure hunt among things and ideas finally fashioned into pieces of jewelry made to be desired, worn, questioned or loved’.

For the ‘Karin Johansson: New Places – Abstractions of A City ’ exhibit is currently on view at the Klimt02 gallery in Barcelona, Karin had this to say about her pieces in the exhibit, including those above: ‘Necklaces seemed to be the perfect object for my theme, no up, no down, playing around the neck, constantly finding new directions. Wearing the object, become inhabitant of the new place.’ Besides, what’s not to love about necklaces called ‘Neighbors’, ‘Friday Afternoon’, ‘End of the Street’ + ‘11pm’?


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