Going Heels Over Head For These Fashion Pics




Saying perception is everything, when referring to photographer Martin Tremblay’s, aka LePinch, latest photographic series, is not nearly the half of it.  You might even have to agree, it’s more about perspective than anything else or is it?

Created for Schön! Magazine in London, for this fashion photographic series, LePinch shot different models upside down.  Designed by Pascal & Jérémie, you would think one would be way too distracted to focus on any of the looks at all with everything flipped over, but it actually does the opposite.  After a few seconds of noticing the upside down location + extras, when your eyes finally come to the model, there’s a brief sense of silence that takes over, with your gaze transfixed only on the model.  The look’s patterns + textures + the model’s expression become singular, while simultaneously, transforming into part of a bigger story.

(via fubiz)

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