Hating To Say Goodbye To Prince


(photo: ‘Purple Rain’ film still, directed by Albert Magnoli) The film still above now lives where the ‘Purple Rain’ music video used to be since it’s no longer available for viewing.

I’m still in disbelief that the genius known as Prince has died. Unlike so many living artists today, very few can touch his creativity + vast amounts of talent. With the ability to play so many instruments, produce brilliant tracks + compose such poignant + touching lyrics, Prince was a unique individual that embraced being a ‘black sheep’ with pride + no apology. I always thought, if I were to have kids, I wanted to send Prince a note asking him to remix some popular lullabies, so my kids could grow up knowing what great music sounds like.

For me, there are way too many Prince tracks to name as my favorite, but here is his classic, ‘Purple Rain’, to listen to, as we lament his loss together.

Prince, I wish you had stayed with us a little longer but thank you for being you + gracing us with such amazing music.



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