Honne: ‘All In The Value’ Music Video

Wake up to what your feelings would look like during a break-up in Honne’s video for ‘All In The Value’.  Directed by Geej Ower, ‘All in the Value’ is about the breakdown of a relationship.  One where the girl in particular has fallen in love with someone else + the guy has known about it for some time,’ says Andy Clutterbuck, part of London duo Honne with James Hatche.  

There’s no denying the end of a relationship is never pretty, but the song along with the couple’s moves turns it into a sexy + beautiful last act.  Simply Director Ower said, ‘We’ve all experienced those shattering, gutting times ending a relationship with someone you love.  I wanted to capture the range of emotions you go through over those hours; the sadness, guilt, intimacy, the anger.  That push + pull between each other + the battle between the love that’s still there + the inevitability that you both know it’s over.’  In prolonging the inevitable of staying in a relationship this broken, can only result in the ferocity of such an emotional roller coaster.  

The dance conceived with movement director Fionn Cox-Davies, was the perfect way for Geej to capture what the dialogue between two people would feel like.



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