How Fashionable Wit Took Over 2012 With Simplicity

With 2012 coming to a close, I couldn’t help but reflect on how a lot of fashionable wit was commonplace on the most common of clothing items, the tee shirt.  The tee shirt, a staple in mostly everyone’s wardrobe, has definitely graduated into a sophisticated something, of various lengths, silhouettes, cuts and motifs.  Yet, the tees I’m referring to, are drenched in irony with lots of fun wordplay.

Take these by Brian Lichtenberg – 


The HOMIES | South Central tee, a riff on the Hermès logo + FELINE | Meow, on CÉLINE – for sale online at REVOLVE.  Available in various colorways including HOMIES tee in orange with black logo or the FELINE tee in black with gold foil logo.

Then you have these limited edition tees by Conflict Of Interest (COI) – for sale online + available in black + white:


  GIRAUNCHY for Givenchy                                                                                


                                                        BALLINCIAGA | Harlem, 10 Avenue Lenox V  


BODEGA VENDETTA for Bottega Venetta.


Plus, they come in this cool evidence bag similar to those used for storing faux designer good that are confiscated by the police.

How about this one for GUCCI, I mean GULLY | Go Get It By Any Means, by Staple:


For sale at HYPEBEAST Store + available in black + grey.

Not to mention these treasures by Russ Karablin’s SSUR streetwear brand:


CHANNEL Zero / CHANEL, available in black + white 

COMME des FUCKDOWN for COMME des GARÇONS, available in black, white + grey.  For sale online now at SSUR.

Now that the xmas is over, isn’t it about time your start buying for yourself?  I’d start here, of course.

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