Eating Cake In The Desert Becomes Chic With KENZO

It’s amazing to me how food brings people closer together especially when it’s so special as cake! This baked good is often associated with celebration, be it a birthday, a new baby, and even a breakup! But there’s just that extra added magic when it’s homemade, frosting and all!

That’s what’s so sweet about this fashion film called “Snowbird KENZO”.

When I heard that ‘Tangerine’ director Sean Baker and KENZO creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim were working on a fashion film together, I knew it was going to be good. ‘Snowbird’, an ad campaign showcasing KENZO’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, starring Abbey Lee, whom you might know from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, is a perfect film, in every way, through Baker’s lens. And yes, Baker used an iPhone for this film too, as he did for ‘Tangerine’. With the lighting, setting, and score by Stephonik Youth, the 11-minute film assumes the style of a vintage home movie.

Produced by 3DMC2 & Cre Film and filmed on location at Slab City, (also known as The Slabs) in the Sonoran Desert located in Imperial County, California. And if you’re wondering about the “Snowbird” title, it has to do with its snowbird community, which is a person who migrates from the colder northern parts of North America to warmer southern locales, typically during the winter.

Not a fan of spoilers, I will tell you that ‘Snowbird’ involves Abbey Lee, KENZO clothing, the desert, trailers, colorful characters, and cake.




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