How To Make Brushing Your Teeth A Luxe Experience

dor_slider_1As far as luxury goes, the closest thing anyone’s ever going to come to when referring to gold in their mouth, one usually thinks about grills + caps. But Swiss Smile has come up with a way to grant you that wish, for a fraction of the cost, while making a mundane habit super luxe.



Introducing ‘d’Or Golden Toothgel + Ultra Soft Toothbrush’, which I kid you not, contains gold in the shape of exquisite 23.75 carat gold dust. Furthermore, besides the obvious decadence, this gold tooth gel also provides perfect protection against cavities.


Just imagine, having that ‘special’, overnight guest, temporary or not,  + ‘Bam!’, you spring out a gold plated toothbrush with gold flecked toothpaste for them? Hmmm….

So if you want to make brushing your teeth a little bit more exciting, be sure to order your very own ‘d’Or Golden Toothgel + Ultra Soft Toothbrush’ here.


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