How To Make EDM ‘Big Boob Friendly’

As a total House Head, I also enjoy EDM, yet after so many parties, jumping when the mood hits, I’ve noticed how this genre is not very ‘big boob friendly’ – I’m a D or DD, depending on the bra. Sure, you’ll come across many festival chicks wearing embellished bras with everything from flowers, Kandi + LED lights, but how much support are they really getting with those things?

When I go out, I usually wear a balconette bra simply because of how beautifully round it makes my boobs look + usually, for added support, I make sure to wear a cami or tank that is tight around the breast area, to keep my ‘girls’ in check. But once that bass drops, the crowd finds synergy + jumping ensues. At this point, you can’t really help yourself, while your boobs bounce as you let yourself go, feeling the music as deep as you can + that’s when I find myself holding them with my forearm, while I jump. Yet, what most chicks are unaware of is an evil known as Cooper’s Droop.

If you didn’t know, Cooper’s Droop is the name given to your boobs when they start drooping. Basically, Cooper’s ligaments are connective tissue in the breast that helps maintain structural integrity + are named after Astley Cooper, who first described them in 1840. These ligaments line the top part of your chest from the collar bone down + without proper support, you’re basically causing premature drooping due to resiliency loss by the stretched ligaments. Runners are prime victims of this, especially when they choose to use the same sports bra for too long, no matter if it looks like a hedgehog, with all of its elastic thread sticking out of it.

So, ladies, the answer to Cooper’s Droop prevention is wearing a sports bra. True, many sports bras, for the most part, give you a uni-boob, but luckily, we now have a huge selection to choose from. Of course, as these sports bras are not dealing with running, the most labor intensive of fitness activities, they need to be sexy, which MICI has perfected, complete with thin yet supportive straps that will not feel cumbersome when sweating it out on the dance floor + or any festival taking place on asphalt, rocky terrain or just plain grass.

The ‘Phoenix Bra’ (above), with that S + M vibe, makes for a super sexy investment. A cut-out style wrap around bra with moisture wicking, it has adjustable elastic shoulder straps, allowing for maximum comfort + support, plus removable bra cups, which guarantee a flattering shape + coverage. What I love about this bra, in particular, is how the cups are shaped to really make the ‘girls’ look as if you’re wearing a real bra, but with the reinforced support of a sports bra. There’s also an adjustable chest band with 3×2 hook-and-eye closures for simple wear. I think the crisscross front detail would look interesting under a regular cotton or sheer tank, if not as a stand-alone
‘shut the front door’ for the proud.  The ‘Siren Bra(below) is very similar, however, the straps go towards the back, exposing more of the chest.

Thankfully, still, bondage inspired, you have their other bras with cut-out detail, making me want to own them all. (below, L-R) The ‘Feline Bra’, is adjustable, with front crisscross detail, for added support, boosting that feminine + contemporary edge to your look; The ‘Empress Bra’, with boudoir bondage inspo, also with crisscross front detail, has cutouts above + below for ventilation similar to the ‘Feline Bra’, which might just save you a few bucks in buying that tenth bottle of water; + the ‘Hype Bra’, another find, comes not only in black but also in navy/black + magenta/black.


Of course, some of you might feel like black is too boring + or the whole bondage theme might be too risqué + with Summer not too far away, you might just want something a bit more colorful. Take BODYLANGUAGE’s ‘Scrunchy Top’ in neon pink (also available in other colors)

for instance, featuring ultra sexy triangle bra cups, tightly secured by criss-cross straps. But without BODYLANGUAGE’s signature scrunchy band for added support + definition, this bra would just be an ordinary pretty pink sports bra.  Now, although its straps are thin, with the right top or layer, I think it would be safe to say, your ‘girls’ would be able to handle any beats you throw at them.

Onzie’s ‘Bustier Bra Top’ (below) has an equal measure of bright colors + pattern. Fully lined, featuring reinforced elastic strapping for

maximum support, you’ll want to flaunt this one off by itself. However, Solow’s ‘So Low Wrap Lace Bra(below), although not popping with color, it is with texture + form, featuring a twisted front of black lace on ballet colored fabric, that makes this one special.

So if you want to really enjoy all the different bass drops this Summer, just remember, PLUR needs support as much as your boobs do!

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