If I Was Worth Billions, Would I Really Want To Sit Down & Shop For Myself?


Well, I Guess Some Folks Seem To Think So With The Existence Of ‘The Billionaire Shop’ Exists

I almost fell off my chair when I saw this – ‘The Billionaire Shop’, where you’re a click away from purchasing the above Lamborghini Aventador for $350,000 and much, much more.  I mean really, with that much money, I would just send my ‘minions’ to do my shopping for me while I’m pampering myself.  Yet, based on the selections including motorcycles, helicopters, residences, cars, jets + watches, it seems to be more geared towards men.

Sure a woman has plenty of online resources including Moda Operandinet-a-porter + LUISAVIAROMA to buy designer goods, but then again, we’re just talking in the thousands and with today’s economy, that’s nothing but, don’t let me fool you into thinking I have any kind of money like that.  It’s not to say that a billionairess wouldn’t be interested in yachts, cars or watches but why would she care really, to make that purchase herself when she could be out spinning, getting a colonic, ‘faking it’ with her personal trainer or getting something plumped, sucked or tucked?

It’s a bit disgusting, I must admit, to know that someone would be that stupid + ‘over the top’ in buying a Gulfstream G650


a twin-engine business jet aircraft for $65.4 million when they can simply fly First Class.  However, I don’t see anything wrong with shelling out $55,000 for The Row’s Damien Hirst alligator backpack, pills included at Just One Eye.


Sure it might make some nauseous but at least part of the proceeds go to UNICEF and who doesn’t love great art together with style that’s functional too?  


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