Installation Porta Estel·lar Gives ‘Traveling At The Speed Of Light’ A Whole Meaning

More chances than not, to take a trip where someone is transported into another state of consciousness or another ‘galaxy’, if you will, where lights + sounds set the course, while bending time + space, usually, the assistance of hallucinogens or sensory-deprivation tanks manage to make that all possible. Now imagine all that, without any assistance of the sort but rather, that of just plain art? Well that’s exactly what PlayMid accomplished with a new installation called Porta Estel·lar (Catalan for star gate).  I mean, just look at the amazing film stills below!lt1plane

PlayMid, comprised of design studios Playmodes + MID, created an interstellar experience, in an empty stationary plane. This plane however, with an interior engulfed by light + sound, does not take off, but rather, ends up guaranteeing visitors a ridic experience, setting a course towards anywhere but here. Talk about giving ‘traveling at the speed of light’ a whole new meaning!

So just sit back, fasten your seat belts + be prepared to be amazed by the video below.


(via fubiz)

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