Intoxicate + Turn Up The Heat Even More With Scented Jewelry By Killian

As Summer temperatures keep rising, nothing is more invaluable than one’s scent or fragrance, to keep you smelling fresh + clean. It just so happens that as our body temperature rises, whatever fragrance we wear intensifies, allowing for very little application. Of course, some men didn’t get that memo + still feel the need to drown themselves in so much cologne, you could smell them across the street. Now imagine wearing already scented jewelry that screams effortless chic, hinting at the most intoxicating fragrances you’ll ever encounter?

Created by Killian Hennessy, his Scented Jewelry By Killian is comprised of several different collections that are sure to appeal to many, especially when the collection contains pieces perfect for men + women alike. The L’oeuvre Noire collection below, is just that collection, comprised of four leather bracelets, scented with two exclusive fragrances created especially for it: Santal Noir + Tabac Blond. Scented leather cords + black calf leather, in either of the fragrances offered, are then paired with 24k gold-plated hook + eye or 24k gold-plated magnetic closures, for that extra touch.


The SS/15 collection below was inspired by the 1990 Spanish Pedro Almodovar dark romantic comedy ‘Atame’ or ‘Tie Me Up’, suggesting the idea of a lasting relationship. This concept perfectly compliments each piece of jewelry throughout as they’re to have a lasting relationship with the perfume + the wearer. The Tie Me Up theme brilliantly captures the scent of the perfume, delicately holding it happily hostage inside the piece, yet letting it escape as it’s worn by its owner. Available in more colors + various fragrances, the collection features a (L-R) Necklace – Playing With The Devila white grosgrain ribbon scented with ‘Playing with the Devil’, a fruity oriental fragrance offering notes of blood orange, rose + creamy sandalwood, encased in 18K gold plated chain necklace with a length of 45″, Earrings-Love, orange scented silk tassels in ‘Love, Don’t Be Shy’, a floral gourmand fragrance containing neroli + bergamot essence, honey suckle, orange blossom + rose concrete, with 18k gold plated accents, Bracelet – Rose Oud, a pink scented satin cord in ‘Rose Oud’, a woodsy floral fragrance containing rich Turkish rose, blackcurrant, vanilla + patchouli with 18k gold-plated handcuffs, and Cuff – Straight To Heaven, a Rhodium plated cuff with a scented black grosgrain ribbon in ‘Straight To Heaven’, a burning splash of rum interwoven with patchouli, nutmeg, vanilla + cedar wood.


So be sure to intoxicate with punctuated subtlety + turn up the heat that much more, with scented jewelry by Killian!

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