Jewelry For The Broken Hearted


With Valentine’s day soon upon us, not all of us can really breathe it all in, because let’s face it, not everyone’s in love. But for those with broken hearts, rather than wearing their hearts on their sleeves, what about wearing their emotions? Usually, when one thinks of the hopeless romantic getting their heart broken, the picture of crying eyes + runny noses comes to mind. But to personify these emotions through fine jewelry no less is quite a feat indeed, but not for some talented designers. Take jewelry designer Ileana Makri’s ‘Crying Eyes’ series above. You have the 18K ‘Crying Eye Necklace‘ with Tsavorites, black + white diamonds + blue sapphires. Then you have her 18K White Gold ‘Angry Tear Studs‘ with black diamonds, blue sapphires, white diamonds – oxidized on the stones. Another variation on the ‘Crying Eye’, is Makri’s 18K White Gold ‘Weeping Eyes‘ with white + Black Diamonds + Tsavorites oxidized on the stones.

And if you know heartache, with all the crying comes a runny nose + that’s where Italian jeweler Schield comes in. There’s Schield’s ‘Dripping Nose‘ pendant on a gold chain, a ‘Dripping Noses‘ bracelet, a ‘Dripping Noses‘ ring + surprise, ‘Dripping Noses‘ earrings.


Of course, like anything else, everything is open to interpretation, so broken hearted or not, all of these pieces are a ‘must’ addition to your accessories collection.

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